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Artificial intelligence (AI, or AI in English for Artificial Intelligence) is becoming more and more efficient and is applied in many areas, such as home automation, health, transport, etc. These programs which simulate human intelligence considerably modify daily life and jobs. What about IT?

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Computing And Artificial Intelligence: A New Era?

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IT is widely used, especially in companies. Thus, the systems are designed to facilitate and optimize their management. Artificial intelligence, being a set of programs which allow logical deductions to be made, is therefore a tool applicable in the field of computing. In fact, with the rapid development of new technologies, it is essential to work to obtain work tools that increase productivity.

For example, predictive technology has already proven itself and has enabled companies to better manage their businesses. With a very large data storage capacity, AI can then take into account a large number of factors in order to obtain a reliable result. We can then think, for example, of the collaborative robot , also called a cobot, which assists workers without being completely autonomous and which is multitasking.

In computing, AI should extend beyond predictive according to some experts in the field. Indeed, artificial intelligence should allow managers to make decisions thanks to better use of data since the memory of a human being is limited unlike that of an AI.

What Happens To Ai In 2020?

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Several ways exist to exploit artificial intelligence. First, AI-assisted applications are in high demand because their development now makes it possible to easily collect, manage and communicate data.

Learning and personalization are also two areas in which AI invests itself, particularly in IT. Thus, efforts are focused on the tools, systems and services that businesses could use to be more productive and more accurate. In addition, these technologies are multiple, we can cite big data, visualization tools, machine learning and analytical techniques, etc.

In IT, the development of artificial intelligence is very valuable because it avoids cumbersome processes and limits tedious operations. In this way, operators save time and businesses generate better performance. Therefore, AI, using the aforementioned tools, improves business strategies and guarantees them higher growth. Nowadays, artificial intelligence experts are therefore extremely sought after by companies. Over the past four years, there has been a 74% increase in hiring of AI specialists.

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