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Artificial intelligence has existed for quite a while. It’s slipped to our phones, our computers, our automobiles, our connected houses our public transportation, our firearms. However, this is merely the tip of this iceberg! And no one can predict how fast that this area will evolve. Now I ask that you take stock of artificial intelligence and its various areas of application.

Also called AI (or AI for English speakers), artificial intelligence has been part of our daily life for many years. Like it or not, we are now surrounded by this strange creature, without however being able to define it perfectly.

What is  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) describes the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like individuals and mimic their activities. The expression might also be applied to some machine that shows traits connected with a human brain including problem-solving and learning. The perfect feature of artificial intelligence is its capacity to rationalize and accept action that have the very best chance of attaining a particular aim.

Brief History of AI: Artificial Intelligence

First introduced in 1950 by scientist Alan Turing, the idea of ​​a machine capable of consciousness has since spread widely. John McCarthy is one of the “Formation Fathers” of Artificial Intelligence, together with Alan Turing, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, and Herbert A. Simon.

Computer Scientist Jhon McCarthy Invented the term “Artificial Intelligence “in 1955, and planned the Well-Know DartMouth meeting in summer 1956.This meeting began AI as a field.

Most of us first are living everyday without even realizing the fact that we have already incorporated AI in our everyday life.

It is now of interest to the greatest researchers and technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Digital-U Experiences, who are constantly developing it day after day.

Getting Our Facts   Straight

Before going any further we need to establish clear understanding of what cloud computing Is?

Cloud Computing means accessing and storing programs and data over the Internet rather than your computer’s hard disk.

In other words, cloud computing would be that the delivery of computing solutions -such as storage, servers, databases, media, applications, analytics, and intellect over the Internet (“the cloud”) to provide quicker innovation, flexible tools, and economies of scale.

Cloud computing solutions is your On-demand delivery of IT tools across the Internet with non-refundable pricing. Rather than buying, owning, and maintaining physiological data servers and facilities, you are able to get technology solutions, like computing power, storage, and databases, within an as-needed foundation from a cloud supplier such as AWS and Digital-U.

Cloud computing is now the Perfect way to deliver business applications–and also the Enterprise Solution for businesses expanding their infrastructure or launch new inventions.

Could Google Platform :

Google Cloud Platform is a supplier of computing tools for deploying and working applications online. Its specialty is providing a location for people and enterprises to develop and run applications, and it utilizes the net to interact with the consumers of that program.

Digital-U Could Solution:

Digital U is an IT solutions providing establishment that offers the latest, state-of-the-art services using our signature blend of ingenuity and modernism to provide unparalleled technological services and top digital products. With numerous high-profile clients and their satisfaction to prove it, Digital U is currently one of the most trusted IT solutions providers on the market and is widely commended for its professionalism and dependability.

Digital U is a subsidiary of the Get Group, a multinational company with strength of more than 200 plus trained and skilled staff. One of the most reputable companies in Pakistan, the group operates in Pakistan, China, KSA and more than other 47 countries maintaining a prominent position of pioneering among its peers.

Amazon Web Services :

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a safe cloud solutions platform, offering calculate electricity, database storage, information delivery and additional performance to help companies scale and increase.

Azure Could Microsoft :

Microsoft Azure is a ever-expanding collection of cloud solutions to assist your company meet your business challenges. It is the freedom to construct, manage, and deploy software onto a gigantic, global community using your favourite tools and frameworks.


ai principle at digitalu

  • The objective is simple: to make a machine capable of reproducing an advanced form of intelligence, based on that of human beings, to the point of surpassing it.
  • We know it, our body and our functioning are complex. Whether it is memory, sensations or even language, we are made up of countless little details that make us able to interact with our environment.
  • To give a computer system the possibility of behaving in the same way, that is the goal of researchers in artificial intelligence.
  • But then, how do you integrate such a complicated mechanism into a machine? Simply like us, through a learning process.
  • By supplying the memory of artificial intelligence with algorithms and data, it is capable of forging autonomy over time, which leads it to make decisions by itself.


Explaining the principle of AI is not easy. But it is enough to look around us to understand the essential.


The simple use of a web browser is a good example. When you search online, you often get dozens of pages of results. The role of artificial intelligence is to order these results according to your initial research and according to your browsing habits. Thus, it is able to offer you priority results that are more likely to interest you.

internet of things digitalu


Recognition Systems

If you have a high-end smartphone, you can hardly miss the new screen unlock modes. Whether you are dealing with facial, digital or even voice recognition, it is an artificial intelligence system which is able to recognize you according to the data recorded.

DIGITALU recognition system

Home Automation

In full swing in recent years, voice assistants and connected control stations have taken place in our homes. Again, it’s artificial intelligence that comes into play when you control your virtual assistant, either by voice or through an app.

DIGITALU home-automation

Autonomous Vehicles

This is a key issue in the war between the various car manufacturers. Many prototypes have already been tested, and some models are already on the market, I am thinking in particular of those of Tesla.

DIGITALU automation vechile

With autonomous cars, we get rid of humans as drivers, to leave the wheel to a computer system with analysis and decision-making capabilities. Artificial intelligence then acts according to the data that was transmitted to it at the time of development.

Technology that Leaves no One Indifferent

Now that we have realized what an important part AI  placed in our day to day task it only natural to assume how much further our life’s can be made easier with the advanced of AI.

Artificial intelligence has not finished dividing minds. On the one hand, the most tech-savvy are going to the heart to praise its merits. While on the other hand, even among the most renowned scientists, we tend to be wary and alert to possible deviations from this evolution.

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