android q

Google has authoritatively propelled Android 9.0, freely affirming the name for the following adaptation of its versatile OS is Pie. Since the tension is finished, we’re as of now pondering 2019. Except if something changes definitely, Google will dispatch Android 10.0 Q in 12 months’ time. What will the following real Android refresh’s name be?

Generally, Google has utilized the names of pastries, sweet, treats, or candies as the authority codenames for huge Android refreshes. The letter “Q” doesn’t offer numerous choices if Google sticks to desserts, yet it has a couple of names to pick from for Android 10.0 Q when the time comes.



This might be the clearest decision, at any rate from a marking viewpoint. In reality, utilizing “quiche” to portray flavorful sustenance is nearly as open finished as “pie.” It even resembles a pie at first glance. This open flan is made of a drain, eggs, and cheddar, with your decision of meat, vegetables or fish, all in a pie hull. While the name is minimal outside of the straight pastries, sweet, or treats slant, we figure Google will lean towards utilizing it for Android 10.0 Q.

Quaker Oats

quaker oats

Quaker Oats is maybe the most outstanding name in cereal. Many think of it as a treat and additionally a morning meal dish. Google has utilized trademark names before for past Android renditions; KitKat for Android 4.4 and, obviously, Oreo for Android 8.0 which propelled a year back. In any case, Quaker Oats may likewise be excessively far from Google’s dessert shop marking.

Ruler of Puddings

queen of puddings

This conventional British treat normally blends raspberry stick and lemon, prepared inside a breadcrumb-based hull, finished off with meringue. As should be obvious from the picture above, it looks tasty and absolutely fits with Google’s convention of sweet nourishment names. In any case, having three names for an Android code brand may be excessively for Google to deal with.



This scrumptious-looking custard is prevalent in Brazil. It’s made of sugar, egg yolks, and ground coconut. Like our past section, it unquestionably fits in with Google’s custom of sweet brand names. It stays to be checked whether Google would utilize a non-English name for its Android marking, despite the fact that there’s no genuine motivation behind why not.



A qottab is an Iranian cake with almonds or walnuts enveloped by a rotisserie outside made of flour, sugar, and cardamon. It is anything but a conspicuous decision for the Android 10.0 Q code name, yet it’s absolutely an important one. It likewise looks yummy.

What do you think Android 10.0 Q ought to be called?

Google doesn’t generally have numerous options for picking Android 10.0 Q codenames on the off chance that it stays with its desserts just naming tradition. Possibly it’ll pick another sort of nourishment for the following form of Android.

What do you figure Google should call Android 10.0 Q when it dispatches this time one year from now? Tell us your musings in the remarks.