Your Post is Your Product & Your Timeline is Your Showroom

Your Product & Your Timeline

“Being social is awesome, everybody wants to be social but not everybody earns Dollars while being social.

Get engaged socially with friends and family with your posted statuses in shape of (text, quotes, images and videos) sounds well and making money with these seems suspicious.


What if it is not a rumor rather an admitted truth!

socioON Social Cum Business Media Portal has voluntarily declared about Profile Statuses i.e., “Post(s) as Product(s)” and timeline as a “Showroom”. This is the emerging idea behind the socioON Technology for Human Development (THD) that has produced a marvelous effect in the world of internet.

Now you can earn with your posted status, you can earn from Like, Dislike, Comment, Share, Great Job, Donate it, Feed, Promotion (Promote and Feed),

The beauty behind the portal is that the post owner and the post lover, both will earn money and there is no limit on their earnings. Every user can be a millionaire within a short span of time.

What if someone becomes millionaire within 24 hours!

I have given you a stunning statement but the above dream may comes true. Let’s consider an example from other social media and let’s talk about a YouTube video. You have seen that it has record of total number of users who have view that so far. Same is the case with the status given on your socioON profile. If your status (it includes text, images, videos, quotes etc.) has gained the concentration of your friends and family and everybody has hit it with likes, shares, comments, giving you great job, feeding it, promoting it even on pressing the dislike button and this process becomes viral then believe me you will be outstanding person among your people.

          Congratulations! You have become the millionaire! Hurrah!

So the only way at internet where your dreams may come true is the socioON Technology for Human Development (THD). I would suggest you to stop wasting time at other Social Media portals and just Signup at socioON where “Your Time is Money”. Use socioON in a normal way and you will be richer after every action/activity performed at your profile with a transparent Accounts System in Dashboard.


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