How To Write an Article

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Write an Article

Write an Article: Writing is a powerful skill when you can teach; your skill turns into Art and no doubt writing skill is an Art of knowledge, Art of Knowing everything, Art to modified other’s mind. A well-known, complete, comprehensive and accurate knowledge is an orientation related to any subject in Article Writing. Knowledge is the first and basic stair to describe anything in Article Writing. If you want to write, once you have to create an outline in your mind. Socioon is giving a chance to user for promoting their writing skill.

The conclusion paragraph, which is called ending, should be written in such a way that the reader does not realize the answer to any question after finishing the article.

Types of Article

Article has 6 major types, which are described under,

Blogging for Earn Money

The blog post is not too long to short. It is basically a marketing strategy for advertising of any Brand or Company product. Blog posts are unique ideas to build the trust and relationship between writer and readers or company to company.

Long form

Long form Article is the shape of a guide. Anyone can get guideline or direction about his /her related expertise. This type of content is the reflection of Leadership, a reflection of long-term activities as like to increase the subscribers of any Channel or media type. It contains minimum 15,000 to 5,000 words.

Case studies

Case studies type content Article is the depth examination with a comprehensive detail report of any incident, issue or case which is based on the specific scenario and provides both information of action and resistance.

White Papers

White paper Article gives the information, solution and the data related to the specific subject.


Infographic Article based on single page and allows you to pack tons of written data in image form which reflects the entire situation behind your mind.


Visual-based content is also called Video content. Nowadays visual content Article is more advanced because it is very easy to understand and many booklets, article, stories or narration are the direct concern to videos.

Rules and Regulation 

Defined Rules and regulation of writing an Article 

Select the Topic   

The Topic should be wide, easy to understand, constructive and reflect your discussion which you want to say.

Address your Audience’s needs

First of all come back on reader’s side, place yourself on it and start thinking, if you have a practical study, what type of article you would like to read.

Write an Article Research 

You have a good grip and sufficient research in detail on your Topic as like…

  • Statistics
  • Quotes by well-known people
  • Definitions
  • References

Tighten your draft

You should have to define which has written by you, that’s why you should have the accurate and sufficient knowledge about your draft.

Plagiarism / Copy limit

The user has no right to submit the copy paste Article or usage of plagiarism tools in his/her Article.

Words and Characters limits

The User’s Article should be minimum 500 words and 1000 characters.


Read, Revise, Repeat Rewrite, and go through with proofreading then submit your piece of an Article with a short cover letter when you’re satisfied.

Admin Rights 

Admin has complete rights to Accept or reject any Article.

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  1. I am a researcher and wants to write for Socioon. Can you please tell me which language the article should be written and is there any need to site references.

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