All of us are familiar with telecommunication networks working in our country and if we talk about WorldCall then we know that this name has been associated with the telecom industry since the very beginning in Pakistan.

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We would not be exaggerating if we say that WorldCall is one of the pioneers in making Pakistan a digital country and providing top of line unbeatable telecom solutions to its customers.

We all know that many service providers came and couldn’t survive in the beginning but the solutions provided by WorldCall to its customers have been so great that their presence in the market still shows that they are the ones who made it happen in this part of South East Asia and who are the trend setters in the market.

Being a developing country, it was challenging to make Pakistan digital and make it part of the global village through telecommunication and WorldCall has been a building block in writing the history of digitalization of Pakistan.

Providing sustainable and economic telecommunication solutions to the common man was a serious challenge and WorldCall took it up like a champ! And they showed everyone that how it is possible to become the market leader and stay there.

WorldCall is not only a leading internet provider but also a well-known digital cable provider. Before this they were also providing services of local and long distance calling through their economic calling cards and we all know when that was and how obsessive we were for our calling cards.

But now as we have moved from landline to mobile phones so we don’t rely on calling cards and even landline phones so much. But few of us might know that all the services we are getting from other service providers of internet and cable TV the main provider behind them is WorldCall. So if you are not aware of this fact then let us bring this into your knowledge that WorldCall is providing services to the other companies who are then servicing the individuals.

Now the ongoing plan of WorldCall is to stay as the market leader and top of line business service provider. As the founder Mr. Salman Taseer thought and wished his brain child would progress, WorldCall is going to touch sky high limits and we know in future we can see great innovations from this organizations.

Pakistan is moving very fast in the race of technology and we are no more behind from the developed nations, in fact, it is not wrong to say that we have minds who are a building block towards making this Earth a better place. And we believe that WorldCall is going to bring something that is going to revolutionize the telecommunication industry of Pakistan, so people stay on your toes and keep an eye on WorldCall as we are all here for a better future.