Why socioON Differs from Other Social Media (Like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter)

Technology (Social Media)

No doubt the above stated platforms are the pioneers and made a revolutionary changes in the lives of human beings but the question is that what they did so far for the human development or for the users of their own applications but just upgrading the apps, offering some new features etc? I think whatever they earned has been put up in their bank accounts and became billionaires.
While the working and usage environment of the SocioON (THD) is almost same as Google +, Facebook and twitter etc. but with a totally unique manifold that isolates it from above media and that is, the SocioON (THD), is only the technology for the human development and spending more than 90% of its income on its users from all around the world with various simplest actions performed on the web portal e.g, by pressing a like button, creating a meaningful comment, sharing a post etc.
So stay connected with friends and family and with business community with real accounts and feel the long lasting and true relationships at socioON (THD). Your time can be of your great asset, stay cool, have fun and enjoy the application.

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