Why did I make SocioOn? By IA Hussain

IA Hussain

Why did I make SocioOn?

We needed to have a controlled social media where there is peace and love for the country, where we can sale our products, show our content, where nobody abuses the other, where our future generations can learn something, where our mothers, sisters and daughters can easily share their message.

Where every user is verified, the whole organization is not blamed because of one person, where there is respect for our culture and our language, nobody disrespects our faith and every religion is respected, minorities are heard, where we know everybody’s identity and every organization have their official account through which they share their official news instead of Facebook and Twitter where anyone can create a fake account or page and spread false information, and the situation gets out of control.

Today, mobile phones have taken over our lives, the world is rapidly moving from horizontal media to vertical media. Instead of watching news on TV people get customized news alerts within seconds.

The data on Facebook and Google is monitored and collected, there are privacy concerns and no accountability, anybody can say anything they want on Social Media about anybody and aggravate the people and this is what weakens the organizations.

Social media is uncontrolled and you cannot stop anybody from doing anything, unless you have your very own National controlled social media, where you have your own data, thoughts and content of people that you can regulate on your own and take action and keep an overall check and balance over everything.

Through this portal you can earn so much that you cannot even imagine, one portal alone can be responsible for lifting up the economy of the country. Foreign media is taking everything from us and imposing their thoughts and ideas on us.

Our new generation are the digital natives they are being raised along with social media and learning from it, our own National social media is as important as our own Atomic power because we have to show our positive image not only to our own people but to the rest of the world as well.

SocioON Pakistan First Social Media

Our Government officials should make their verified accounts on SocioON so that their activities cannot get monitored from the West because we use their mediums, it is better to use National medium in order to avoid privacy concerns just like China did.

SocioOn gives money to its users for sharing the content, so SocioON is working on the concept of Technology for Human Development (THD), it empowers the people and gives them an incentive to share the posts, so instead to giving your content, thoughts and ideas to other Social media for free you can save them on SocioON with no risk of it being stolen and on top of that you can earn money from it.

I had such concerns in the start that why would people start to use a regulated social media that is why I made it possible that they get something from it in return and today by the grace of Allah, SocioON has 2.5 Million users and still growing.

The users of SocioOn are not only learning but earning money as well. If all our Institutes and Organizations join hands with SocioON, we can take it further to unparalleled heights.

Socioon Timelines

I was in this alone in the start making and teaching people about social media and its uses, if today, you stand with me, then I assure you whole world will be on this portal because every user in SocioON is verified, there is no hate speech, no false report and organizations/Institutes will have their official verified accounts where they will be given 5 timelines, social, opinion, page, group and career where the organization’s official progress can be posted which will be shared by SocioON users and your message will be spread to the world within seconds.

How, many organizations have made their official accounts on SocioON and the process is going on. My dear Pakistanis, I have done my part, now the ball is in your court and you have to determine its success.

Founder SocioOn

Iqbal Akhtar Hussain