What are the Benefits of Feed and Promote at SocioON

Benefits of Feed and Promote at SocioON

Today we are going to discuss these both features of SocioON. When you make any of your post Public, what happens then?

Whenever at any time a post goes for promotion, your post becomes a promoted post, the great job features becomes ON for that post. The post becomes viral throughout the one million users of SocioON that means the post feed will go to everyone’s profile

Now the post is seen by everyone at SocioON and when a user performs an action on that post, for example, he/she Likes, Comment, Shares and Feeds then he becomes an equal partner in that post’s total revenue. Now everyone who contributed to that public post can earn up to 100 Feeds.

Now, you must have to be careful, whenever you are going to perform any action on that post as that post’s content is not violating the SocioON terms and conditions. That is the post content should not produce any basis for spoiling the society.

Share your experience with us how you find these.

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