Waves “Naam Hi Kafi Hai”


Waves “Naam Hi Kafi Hai”

The name speaks for itself, Waves Pakistan is the pioneer of deep freezers in Pakistan. From humble beginnings to becoming the market leader waves has come a long way and journey is still going forward.


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It all started in 1970 when a local engineer invented the first deep freezer of Pakistan in his own home and it became a sudden hit. The first successful prototype was given to a local dealer for testing purposes and in 1975 waves went public and their product was so much well received in the market.

These were the humble beginnings of waves and everyone in the market had set their eyes on waves because the product instantly become favorite of its users.

So to take this company further and fulfill the increasing demand that was so many overwhelming waves needed some investors that would collaborate with them and increase the production.

So as it is pretty obvious that when a product is so flawless and reliable it instantly becomes the word of mouth and we all know word of mouth spreads faster than the speed of light! So it wasn’t a shock to see different investors trying to get their hands on collaboration with waves as it was the new hot thing in the market.


Cool industries finally collaborated with waves and from this moment sky was the limit which they were very aware of that how they are going to get there. Waves were everywhere, from your offices to homes to agencies and even corporate industries and they were pretty smart about their tagline “NAAM HI KAFI HAI”.

This made waves a most respectable brand name in the market which was capable to deliver what they promised and their brand image was the totally high end.

Everyone wished to have the famous wave’s deep freezer at their home so that they get the confidence and they can tell others that they were able to get the brand new waves deep freezer at their home, in short everyone loved it.

The reason behind the success is the engineer who invented the freezer in the first place because it was not company product in the start but a home project so there were no limits, there were no boundaries regarding budget, R&D, Marketing or any other thing.

It was just a man trying to make the perfect product that would be great for his own home and the whole market. This is the foundation that waves are set upon and this is a vision that still beholds the brand.

We all love their products because these products are made with intensive care and keeping the consumer’s needs in mind.

The brand name is really just enough because they offer more in the price of less. Consumers love this concept because they are paying market price to get the product which has so much more value to offer than others.

And over the course of time, they have covered all the electronic market areas linked with refrigerated purposes.

They are providing air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and washing machines and the journey is not stopping here. We are expecting a lot more in the coming years from waves so stayed tuned everyone because: