Waseem Qazi (CEO) at Descon Engineering Limited

Waseem Qazi CEO Descon

Waseem Qazi (CEO) at Descon Engineering Limited

Mr. Waseem Qazi CEO Descon visited SocioON Pakistan National Social Media and Business Network office a month ago to check how the web portal operates and to offer his good wishes to the team. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Descon Power Solutions (DPS).

DPS is one of the market leader in O&M sector of Pakistan, currently maintaining thirteen different sites with a cumulative capacity of around 1300 MW. DPS employs around 350 technical staff and has a proven track record of operating and maintaining Open Cycle and Combined Cycle Power Plants, consisting of Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Reciprocating Engine, and Wind Turbine Generators.


Waseem Qazi was educated at Middlesex University and graduated with a B.Eng. (Honors) degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Qazi began his career in the aviation industry and after spending 16 years as an engineer with PIA looking after aircraft engines, he in April 1999, moved to General Electric (GE) as Aero Field Service Engineer and worked as lead during the installation, commissioning and testing phases at Habibullah Coastal Power Company (HCPC), Quetta, Pakistan.

In June 2011, he was promoted as GE Country Manager for Power Generation Services (PGS) in Pakistan. In October 2013, he took over as CEO of Descon Power Solutions, which is providing O&M Services to Rousch (450 MW) & Altern (32 MW) Power Plants, manages the sale of parts and services for MWM gas engines and is the pioneer of O&M services in wind.


A switch to the energy sector with General Electric and an award-winning 14-year career in the industry led him to become Chief Executive Officer for Descon Power Solutions.

His expertise in managing and operating teams of energy and power specialists ensures that he now helms a 380- strong team of highly skilled individuals that provide state-of-the-art power plant operations and maintenance (O&M) services for thermal and renewable power plants in Pakistan.

An active philanthropist, and an advocate for the Blind, through his support of the Baluchistan Blind Welfare Relief Association, his life outside Descon is spent fundraising for the blind and those affected by natural disasters and internal displacement. He is also member Board of Advisors Youth Impact CEO, Descon Power Solutions.

Mr. Waseem Qazi Pride of Pakistan

This is not the end of the trail. There are countless other Pakistanis working either as individuals or in teams that are bringing a positive image of Pakistan into the limelight and are laying the framework for positive social change.