Various features of socioON

Various features of socioON

Today, we will discuss various features of socioON Social cum Business Media (iON Messenger, TV Online, Online Education, Status Posting etc.)

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ION Messenger:

One of the most important from the various features of socioON, is iON Messenger, which Operates just like any other online messenger and can transfer and exchange text messages between users. This is an ideal two way or group communication tool among users suitable for random chatting, exchanging information, generating queries amongst the user. It also performs a task of group sharing whereby users can form their own exclusive group based upon their common interest. Intuitive, responsive and immediate messaging service of remains operative across multilevel users. Groups might they be a professional, academic, or any other sort makes message transmission amongst themselves seamless and reliable. File and photo transmission shall soon be incorporated so that mailing is made easy for users.

TV online:

Online television and news watching had been available on the net for a long time, but one had to have a dedicated page for it. That is to say, socializing or other things were not possible while viewing online television, has combined online news with socializing, chatting and other features so that multitasking is operational. One can be posting comments, liking a post, chatting and enjoying all the benefits has to offer while remaining connected and viewing online television as well. Multiple choices of channels are available for both international as well as local channels to be viewed at the viewers choice. For advertisers, two banners are alongside the screen for effective advertising. Oversea viewers can also watch their native channels in their native language in countries where native channels are not available. Online TV at brings information and news which is close to the user and his land of origin.

Education on Line:

Online education is one such feature which is unique to as a social website. Users can create their own page, post educational and tutorial videos, for all to benefit from. Women can make and post basic educational material for the young audience, while professional courses in the shape of tutoring can be placed by educationists. Links can be provided on previous lectures, technical videos can be placed for people interested in that subject, by the users as well as education for all program. Such programs were never offered before on a social site. Best is yet that students watching such video tutorial, commenting and asking questions will all along be earning on and before they finish a course they will be richer than what they started with.  This is a complete reversal to an education system where the outflow of revenue becomes inflow for the student. Instead of paying high tuition fees and spending on transport between the institution, education will be delivered to the student at home. Accelerated education can also be achieved and crash courses attended for those who intend to appear as an external student. Depending on the acumen and interest of a student a four-year course can be finished in half the time. Student availing education online on can attain their educational degree in less time than conventionally. The education will not only be verbal but also explained visually for better understanding.

What’s on your mind:

What’s on Your Mind, is yet another unique feature offered by for members to share what they are thinking about and take feedback from other members. This facility enables a user to create a blog like a page where he or she shares his opinion, his thoughts and what they are currently thinking. Likeminded people can interact with each other and continue with their interaction and conversation or let it reach its conclusive end. helps promote people to share whatever is on their mind which can lead to an interesting and engaging contribution to the society. The subject is not limited to any topic and can range from social wellbeing to the development of a new idea. What’s on your mind is like “I was thinking that maybe……” a seed which may grow into a thriving tree with contribution from other likeminded people sharing the same interest.


Eating is a feature of addresses the most common function of a person on daily basis, what one has had to eat, what is one planning to eat, where to go for the best meal, who’s offering the best meal package, what not to eat, personal preferences, if facility suitable for friends and family or not. This adventure of eating in places help promote the restaurant and socially active places and people can share their taste adventure on with other members.


Food carrying few similarities to eating food feature on addresses mostly in-house eating experience. Right from sharing recipes both in a text, visual as well as short video clips for all to prepare their food in the variety of ways. This is a platform where the food on the run as well as gourmet dishes for formal dining is shared and is equally beneficial for a bachelor to a family member. Quick food prepared in a zippy is ideally suited for the time-pressed individual. Users may occasionally visit the page containing quick recipes and share their experience by contributing their feedback on

Well, this is all about various features of socioON.

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