Toshiba Laptop Is No More In The Business Market , Shuts Down From 12 August 2020

Toshiba laptop

In our local market we don’t see Toshiba Laptops very often, only very few people are using Toshiba laptops but this was not due to any performance or manufacturing issue in the laptop. Being a tech giant from Japan, the laptop they made were highly durable but they were not common maybe due to their unavailable or less import in the region.

Two years ago, Toshiba sold 80.1 of its Computer Business to Sharp. After acquiring this share Sharp renamed this department to “Dynabook” and started doing business. Sharp put their focus into their new domain of Laptop Business and did good business.

After this, Sharp wanted to buy the remaining 19% share of the Laptop business of Toshiba. Sharp was successful in this deal and bought the remaining share of laptop business.

“As a result of this transfer, Dynabook has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp” – Official Statement by Toshiba.

Finally,after 35 years Japan’s Tech giant Toshiba is shutting down the production of laptop from tomorrow. This is due the business reasons of Toshiba as in 2011 Toshiba sold more than 17m PCs but till 2017 the sales were dropped surprisingly low, 1.9m to be exact.

Keeping this in view, form 2016 Toshiba was not making any more Laptops for the European Market and put their focus on Hardware business only. But now they weren’t able to keep up the market, along with this the global demand of Computers in dropping as well and in this scenario Global giants like Apple and Lenovo have been able to keep up the business amidst COVID – 19.

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