Top 10 Hollywood Movies You Must See 2018

Top 10 Hollywood Movies

Top 10 Hollywood Movies

Beauty and the Beast, Logan, Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi, the 2017 blockbuster vintage was excellent and Top 10 Hollywood movies. The 2018 vintage promises to be just as delicious, even if Hollywood still takes little risks and stubbornly relies on sure values, sequels, reboots, and remakes. We can already predict that Disney will still break records with nine films scheduled next year. Thirty blockbusters will be broadcast in 2018, Le Point Pop has selected eleven, those that we expect with the most impatience and that we hope worthy of their Pharaonic budget.

1 – Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther – February 14, 2018

Black Panther
After a notable appearance in Captain America: Civil War, the black panther finally has his own movie. This new episode that mixes Africa, superheroes and science fiction promises to be visually stunning and 100% Black Power. A first in the Marvel universe. This blockbuster seems to have cachet and promises to break (a bit) the boring homogeneity of feature films Marvel, at least on the form, if not on the bottom.

2 – Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg – March 28, 2018

Ready Player One
Fasten your seatbelts! When the inventor of the first blockbuster in the history of cinema ( The Teeth of the Sea in 1975) returns, it is to put his eyes. This amphetamine treasure hunt in a virtual world contains an avalanche of references to pop culture (from Akira to King Kong via Street Fighter and Chucky ). This is one of the top 10 Hollywood movies We can not wait to find Spielberg in a genre where he reigns supreme!

3- Avenger: Infinity War by Anthony and Joe Russo – May 4, 2018

Avenger: Infinity War
They are all together! Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Captain America, Iron Man, Star-Lord and his team and other Marvel superheroes will fight together against Evil. This section realizes the fantasy of all lovers of the license: to stage a total war that brings together the characters of the nineteen films. It is also a symbolic feature because it marks the ten years of existence of the Marvel film universe and is expected to mark the apogee of a super-heroic decade. Bugger.

4- Han Solo: A Star Wars Story by Ron Howard – May 23, 2018

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

This is the big question of 2018: will the spin-off devoted to Han Solo be the first misfire of Disney since the acquisition of Lucasfilm? Some sources say that the studio is preparing for the worst … It must be said that the realization of this blockbuster on the youth of the smuggler with the big heart was catastrophic. Will Solo do better than the very good Rogue One? The trailer coming soon should give us a taste. At your bets.

5 – Deadpool 2 by David Leitch – May 30, 2018


Deadpool 2The wackiest superhero returns in a film that looks just as delusional as the previous one. Thanks to his unconventional and vulgar character, Deadpool has conquered a large audience. Expected firmly, it is hoped that this suite will keep all its promises in hemoglobin and buffoonery. Disney, which has just bought the Fox studio and therefore the rights of the superhero, has promised that the feature film will keep its R Rated classification (banned under 17 years in the United States ).

6- Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom by Juan Antonio Bayona – June 6, 2018


Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomA trailer that shakes, dinosaurs in the process of extinction … That’s all we know about the second installment of Jurassic World. One would tend to trust the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona ( few minutes after midnight ), dubbed by Steven Spielberg himself who loved his previous film The Impossible, the story of a family taken in the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. In Hollywood, Bayona is considered one of the heirs of the master of entertainment in his way of filming the fears of young and old.

7 – The Incredibles 2 by Brad Bird – July 4, 2018

The Incredibles 2

It took almost fourteen years to find the Parr family, aka the Incredibles! This parody of well-crafted superheroes had melted spectators of all ages. In a decade, DC and Marvel franchises have grown, so Pixar has something to revive his retro-futuristic universe and make fun of costumed characters with demented powers.

8 – Mission Impossible 6 by Christopher McQuarrie – July 25, 2018

Mission Impossible 6

Cocorico, agent Ethan Hunt returns for a last adventure in Paris! After Moscow, Dubai, Vienna and London, it is our capital’s turn to welcome the impossible mission. We watched Tom Cruise’s waterfalls in the city all summer, we can not wait to see the result on the big screen! This MI6 promises to be hectic. Tom Cruise has also broken an ankle because of a dangerous waterfall. Incorrigible Tom.Top 10 Hollywood movies 2018

9- Fantastic Animals 2: The Grindelwald Crimes of David Yates – November 14, 2018

Fantastic Animals 2

This sequel should introduce us to another facet of Dumbledore’s personality. Norbert Dargonneau and his magical animals are back to fight the wizard Grindelwald and his terrible supporters. Our favorite magizooologist will partner with the future director of Hogwarts, whose young version is played by the talented Jude Law. The blockbuster is again fully scripted by JK Rowling himself.

10 – Christian Rivers Mortal Engine – December 12, 2018

mortal engines

Written and produced by Peter Jackson, Mortal Engine could be the great franchise of the next few years. This adaptation of the steampunk series by Philip Reeve plunges us into a post-apocalyptic world where cities have become motorized machines, two teenagers make a discovery that can change everything. After The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings , the wind of adventure blows again on the Universal studio.Top 10 Hollywood movies of all time

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