Tik Tok Should Be Banned In Pakistan


Tik Tok is a short video sharing platform where people can show their talent. Many new social media influencers have been found and they have made it big in the entertainment industry as well but this is just the tip of the ice berg. As majorly we see illicit and very explicit content on Tik Tok that is highly against cultural values of our society.

Recently, Bigo live was blocked by which is a very great step towards the betterment of our society. As Bigo Live is a chat room that generates content which exposes young boys and girls and for a small amount of money many girls have ruined their lives on it.

How it Got Success?

The main reason behind the success of Tik Tok is that it gave the opportunity of maximum reach and traffic to new content creators. As content creators had to make a lot of struggle on YouTube or Facebook to gather fame and popularity but on Tik Tok it became very easy and so every other person is making Tik Tok Videos.

This new found reach and fame of new content creators boosted their morale but on the other hand every person wanted to make videos on Tik Tok following this trend. Hence as a result people belonging from respectable families started doing it with acts like dancing and what so ever.

This gave the ultimate tag of “Cringe”to Tik Tok as it is now flooded with thousands of videos based on Cringe worthy and Useless Content which many of us do not like to catch of a glimpse of.

  1. Our Cultural values are being highly compromised.
  2. The privacy of our homes is at great danger.
  3. Kids and adults are exposed to dangerous and vulgar content on Tik Tok.
  4. The concept of “Chaadar and Chaar Diwari” is highly demoralized on Tik Tok.
  5. We are an Islamic Nation and the content available on Tik Tok is against our moral & Cultural Values.
  6. Leaked videos and pictures of famous Tik Tok stars belonging to respectable families.

Apart from this Tik Tok is gathering a lot of data of our homes and families in forms of videos and pictures and through this information they can use our data and manipulate it using AI Technology tools and Image processing.

Along with this our homes are exposes each family member is making Tik Tok Videos in every room of the house and this tells the unknown or suspicious persons about how many persons are in the house, where the house is and how to excess the house.

India has already banned Tik Tok on same reasons, USA and Australia is also considering it.

People of Pakistan must refrain from these kinds of applications as it is against our cultural and religious values and use SocioOn

SocioOn is Pakistan’s National Social Media and Business Network which is totally developed keeping the cultural values of our nation and its people. Join SocioOn now and bring your friends as well.

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