Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Qasim Ali Shah

motivational speaker qasim ali shah

The name is already widespread not only in Pakistan but worldwide as well, Qasim Ali Shah has an immense following that’s in millions and all of this is the result of his sheer hard work and determination. Several video platforms are full of videos by Qasim Ali Shah and we people love to hear from him at all times since he knows the art of talking and understands how to train and coach other people’s lives and interests.

Qasim Ali Shah Education

Qasim started off as an engineer from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore and pursued his career in engineering for a while and then for further education he started pursuing Central Superior Services as it is a dream for the learned people to be part of the elite bureaucratic authority of Pakistan and be among the top individuals of the country who are the core backbone and driving force of the country. This kind of status is a dream goal for most of us but it wasn’t enough for Qasim Ali Shah as he wanted to achieve greatness.

Qasim is also a well-known teacher and is the founder of Qasim Ali Shah School, as it is soul belief of this school system that there is no other great cause or effort other than teaching. Teachers are the sculptors of any society and they shape the future of the nation, to have a strong educational system is a key for any nation to conquer and achieve success within a very short time.

Wondering Personality Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah ranks among the top entrepreneurs of our country and now he knows the art of teaching others the wisdom that he has captured throughout his life, he believes in giving knowledge. Now Qasim Ali Shah is a teacher to millions of people who attend his seminars online and in person, he is the top most motivational speaker of the country. Qasim’s achievements include training of Judiciary Individuals that include both Civil and Session Judges which a great honor for him.

Moreover, he has trained thousands of Government, Non profit/government organization, forces, educational institutes and various other departments the number keeps of growing. His total online audience is over 3 million including 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube and 2 Million Followers on Facebook. In a very brief time period, his videos got very popular on Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube and people started seeing him as a mentor and coach.

He is also the founder of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, whose major goal is to reshape Pakistan by transforming the thought process of the people. Qasim is also the brand ambassador of Uzbekistan Tourism in Pakistan, also he enjoys being a social media celebrity since because of social media he got the celebrity status that he has today. He has written numerous articles for newspapers and different blogs to spread his word and wisdom out to world.

Qasim Ali Shah is also the chairman Bestival Book Fair Lahore along with this numerous achievements nationwide and internationally as well. He is a radio host, success coach, renowned intellectual and well known influential trainer. This is really astonishing that a person can achieve so much in such a young age we believe that we have to learn it from Qasim Ali Shah.

SocioOn Pakistan’s National Social Media & Business Network recognizes Qasim Ali Shah in its Top 100 List of Intellectuals.