The SocioON team at Sadya khan’s Bling it On Dinner Party 

The SocioON team at Sadya khan’s Bling it On Dinner Party 

“Fashion is crucial to everything I do, whether it’s film or arranging a national level expo,” said Sadya Khan to SocioON team on Saturday night at the Poet restaurant doing her grand event Bling it on the pre-dinner celebration.

The luxurious dinner hall wall filled with a room of top designers, executives, editors, fashion-tech pioneers, models, event managers, and other industry catalysts. ”

This year Mrs. Sadya Khan has planned to bring together a diverse group of talented people from every corner of the Lahore city, all shades and shapes and colors and creeds to make her very first event of Bling it on series a success.

She believes diversity is one of the things that makes the fashion industry one of the most creative, dynamic and influential forces on the planet.

Bling it On will be a series of fashion and lifestyle exhibition events which will take place from city to city and season to season in Lahore. The very first event by Bling it on called October Bling will be held in Sapphire hall on 21st October 2018.

Mrs. Sadya Khan and her husband Mr. Shoaib, the owner of Shoaib Khan Films told SocioON team that they believe that their show will offer equal opportunities for families to come together under one roof and take a look at all the products and services that can positively impact their lifestyles.

Since their event has a great number of both local and foreign participants, they believe their exhibition will hold the interest of every Lahori citizen.