The Luxus Grand Hotel

Luxus Grand Hotel

Situated in the heart of Lahore you will find The Luxus Grand Hotel

Situated in the heart of Lahore you will find The Luxus Grand Hotel. With its new charm and its unique standing, The Luxus Grand has made a name for itself in the hospitality industry.

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Luxus Grand involves a team of veterans in the hospitality business to complete its goal of becoming the pinnacle of hospitality in Lahore.

If you know about Lahore you would know how much hospitable the people are, this also translates into the staff being extra helpful and making your stay pleasant as long as you wish.

In such a short time it is really unimaginable how much The Luxus Grand Hotel has achieved. Whether it is arranging parties, weddings or conferences Luxus Grand has made sure to leave its mark on people through their services. Luxus Grand is also a hotel to get its security clearance from the United Nations in the shortest period of time in Pakistan.

When coming towards the services that The Luxus Grand provides, you don’t need to ask. You want something, Luxus has got it.

In its short period of time Luxus has hosted countless events in the Glorious Zoraiz Banquette Hall and put a smile on people’s faces by giving them the best time.

Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, a farewell or even a fashion expo the people at Luxus know just what to do. Zoraiz Banquette Hall is carefully and beautifully designed just to add that extra touch of happiness to your events. Events to which you will look back a decade from now and still feel joy from the time you had.

Have a meeting? The Luxus Grand Hotel can convert its 7 multipurpose boardrooms to cater to your every need. With the ability to entertain up to 300 guests at a time these halls are ideal to have conferences and meetings.

Would it be a hotel without a room? That is why The Luxus Grand has over 76 rooms including standard, executive and royal suites. These rooms are filled with colors and serenity to let you rest after a long day of traveling and working.

The towering building provides stunning views of Lahore’s colors. With these, there come a great many complementary treats like high-speed internet availability, shoe shine, and ironing.

There is also a state of the art pool for the stay in guests to relax in from all the work. Or, if you want to blow off some steam, you can hit the gym. The fitness center has all you need from the traditional weights to the modern machines.

If there is one thing that can make or break your visit to any place is the food. Which brings us to one of the key features of The Luxus Grand. Caesar’s Restaurant brings you the taste from all over the world while sitting at your table.

Whether it is the traditional Lahori Pakwans or the global cuisines from all around the world, the chefs specialize in putting the best at your table so that you can eat your heart out. The soothing ambiance and the delicacies in front of you really make it the best place to have your breakfast, dinner or the best of them all  A Sunday Brunch.

Luxus Grand’s services and their motivation speaks for itself through people. As an up and coming name in hospitality, The Luxus Grand is easily one of the most notable places to stay at. The people at The Luxus Grand are driven to make guests feel at home during their stay and to bring people joy.

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