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best smartphone 2020

If smartphones less than 30000 Rs are less powerful than their mid -range or high-end counterparts , they still offer interesting features for those looking for the best price and access to all the basic functions. With these models, the technical characteristics can make a big difference, especially in the responsiveness of the device.

The Models Of Smartphones Under 30000 Rs Are Always More Numerous

Today, consumers no longer hesitate to spend large sums of money to afford the high-end smartphone of their dreams. But many still limit themselves to a budget of 30000 Rs . The reasons can be various, but the fact is that the demand is more and more important in this sector. Thus, entry-level models are multiplying. Here again, manufacturers are trying to stand out by adding some features to their products such as the fingerprint sensor!

The Race For Features

The offer has never been so attractive, especially since certain Chinese brands have conquered the Western market (Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.). To differentiate them, it is also necessary to pass their components to the test bench. Nothing is left to chance, not even the quality of the finishes and the design. Entry-level smartphones are getting closer to their alter egos sold for more than 30000 Rs.

mobile phone

In this comparison, the technical characteristics (processor, storage capacity, RAM, etc.) are taken into account. But smartphones less than 30000 Rs are also judged on the quality of their display, the size of their screen, their additional features and their responsiveness. As with all other products, consumers have a right to expect high quality from their device. They expect specific products that meet their expectations. The performances are often there, and always for a very competitive price.

Go without further ado, I let you discover my selection of the best inexpensive but relatively efficient smartphones for their range. Let’s go !

Samsung Galaxy A20s

The phone offers a simple design and an acceptable display. The battery life is impressive, however, the camera is really ordinary.

Samsung Galaxy A20s


Oppo A5

Oppo A5 was launched in 2018 with a notch display, it has 6.2 inches large display with 720×1520 pixels resolution and 4230 mAh battery. The phone comes with 32/64GB storage variants and 4GB of RAM.

Oppo A5

Vivo Y91

Vivo Y91 was released in 2018, this device comes with 6.22 inches display having 720×1520 pixels resolution. It has a 13 MP main camera and 4030 mAh battery. Y91 comes with 3GB/32GB variant and has got dual SIM support.

Vivo Y91

Huawei Y7 Prime (2019)

Huawei Y7 Prime (2019) is the solid performer from Huawei. This phone has dual sim tray and a separate slot for a memory card. It comes with 3GB of RAM. The phone houses 6.26 inches display with 720 x 1520 pixels resolution and 13 MP main camera.

Huawei Y7 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 7

Redmi 7 is the latest offering from Xiaomi which has replaced Redmi 6 in Pakistan. The phone comes with 6.3 inches LCD panel having the protection of Gorilla Glass 5. It is powered by SDM 632 chipset with 3GB of RAM. We are getting 32GB internal storage with the device with the option to add more storage. Moreover, the phone houses a dual-camera setup on the back and a single camera on the front.

Realme 5S

The Realme 5s’ main highlight is the 48-megapixel camera from Samsung that replaces the 12-megapixel sensor from the Realme 5 at the back. And apart from a new Crystal Red color, there’s no other change in the Realme 5s – it’s exactly the same phone as the Realme 5. And that means it carries over all the merits as well as the demerits of its predecessor.

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