socioON Technology for Human Development (THD) Through BusinessON

Technology for Human Development

As you know after Signing Up, you’ll see two timelines, one is Social Timeline and the other is BusinessON Timeline. We have earlier discussed the Social Timeline, now let’s discuss the BusinessON Timeline.

To live a prosperous life, the money factor cannot be omitted from our routine life, so people do jobs or engage in some business. We all know that the world has become a Global Village what if your business/products may be presented/offered throughout the world!

To bring a specified business to the whole world, engaging human beings globally with each other, developed a need for such appealing social platform, and hence the “SocioON (THD)” has been launched. The SocioON (THD) is truly based on engaging the world socially and bringing them into trade, business and relationships. Through “BusinessON”, users can create a small as well as a large scale virtual business/shops according to their needs and the public demands. They can add up products in their business shops and can offer/sale them to the general users of SocioON (THD) directly with no third party involvement. If someone wants to buy a product, he/she can have a direct access to that specific businessman. They both can chat, send text, audios and videos etc. directly through a SocioON chat messenger.


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