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Talat Hussain Journalist

Talat Hussain

If we talk about the bluntest journalists of our country then Talat Hussain would be named on top of the list. Being a journalist is not an easy job it’s a 24/7 commitment which not everyone can go with, so this makes a journalist so much focused.

And if we talk about most prominent journalists all around the globe we would be amazed to see that these people are so much hardworking and always doing something.

Talat Hussain has covered a remarkable journey throughout his life and we have learned a lot from this talk shows and activities over the course of time.

But that’s not all Talat also recognizes himself as a jogging enthusiast, writer, extensive reader and loves his protein intake.

Biography of Talat Hussain

Talat Hussain was born in Chakwal Punjab. He was a very fortunate child as his parents were from a very intellectual background who made sure that they raise their child in the best manner possible and they made sure that Talat Hussain would be an exemplary model for the oncoming generations.

This type of parenting is very lucky for a child and Talat Hussain took full advantage of it. His early education is from Rawalpindi and later on, he moved to Quaid e Azam University for his Master’s Degree.

Talat Hussain is one of the most looked upon journalists in our country, also he is an expert in political reviews and columnist.

He is a very sensational speaker who talks what he thinks is right and does not hold back the right content form general public.

This is the key aspect of the true spirit of journalism that it takes guts to be a journalist and a mature journalist develops are very keen mind throughout his career.


Talat Hussain started his career as a host of morning show “Sawairay Sawairay” which was the basically the start of every morning for all the TV viewers throughout the country.

Each morning people will turn up their television sets to see what message Talat’s show is going to bring in.

But later on being a journalist he moved to the newly inaugurated news section “PTV World” to host a show “News Night”. This was a massive hit at that time and PTV being a national television channel gave it the needed push up.

The program had a respectable image in front of its viewers due to the content and level of honesty that was delivered in it.

He covered many issues that needed to be addressed to the public through a nationwide platform and delivered what was necessary information to the readers.

His show was basically based to cover the major issues in our society and shared awareness of a lot of ongoing situations going on in our society.

His major concern is about revolutionizing the roots of our society and focus on the upbringing of our children.

He has the deepest concerns about the way our society is going ahead and has mentioned a lot of times the norms on which our society should be going on.

His passion for the development of our society is so real that a normal viewer can tell that how much love for his country this person has and what kind of visionary he is so for the untiring efforts that Talat Hussain has put forward we highly appreciate him and we expect a lot more from in future.

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