Syed Aslam Mehdi

Syed Aslam Mehdi

Syed Aslam Mehdi

Syed Aslam Mehdi holds the position of Chief Executive Officer, Director  & MD at Bulleh Shah Packaging (Pvt) Ltd. Long with that, he is also on the board of 10 other companies.

Mr. Syed Aslam Mehdi serves as a Non-Executive Director of Packages Limited. Due to his immense work in the corporate industry and his loyal and honest personality he is considered among the most honest and devoted officers of the country and SocioON Pakistan National Social Media and Business Network have proudly placed his name in their list of TOP 100 CEOs of Pakistan.


Having a Master’s Degree from IBA, Mr. Mehdi brings with him a wealth of management experience, especially in the areas of Marketing, Operational Excellence and People Management.


Mr. Mehdi serves on its Board of Directors. He has served as the CEO of Tri-Pack Films Limited. Before joining Tri-Pack Films Limited in September 2014, he was the General Manager at Packages Limited.

He has been affiliated with the Packages Group since 1980 from where he never looked back. Currently, Mr. Mehdi is serving on the Boards of Bulleh Shah Packaging (Private) Limited, DIC Pakistan Limited, Tetra Pak Pakistan Limited, Packages Construction (Private) Limited, Packages Limited and Pakistan Japan Business Forum. Mr. Mehdi is also a Member of Board of Governors – National Management Foundation (LUMS) and a Trustee of Packages Foundation.

The success story at Packages

Syed Aslam Mehdi joined Packages Limited in 1980. He was General Manager of Packages Limited and Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of DIC Pakistan Limited. Currently, he is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Tri-Pack Films Limited an associated Company of Packages Limited.

Packages under the guidance of Syed Aslam Mehdi aspires to take a leadership position in everything that it does. Packages Ltd was able to make this possible through the brand of leadership that has been passed on to it in through history.

At Packages, the underlying values of leadership are integrity, passion, courage, drive, care, and humility. This legacy of respect and understanding defined by diligent and dynamic leadership models like Mr. Mehdi in the company keeps Packages Ltd at the top.

Mr. Mehdi Pride of Pakistan

This is not the end of the trail. There are countless other Pakistanis like Mr. Aslam Mehdi working either as individuals or in teams that are bringing a positive image of Pakistan into the limelight and are laying the framework for positive social change.