Sundas Zulqarnain – A Superwoman and A True Pakistani

Sundas is not an ordinary woman, she is what a woman in 21st century can do!

Sundas portrays women empowerment and advocates it on National Social Media Platform of Pakistan-SocioOn.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Sundas Zulqarnain now lives in Germany with her family. Sunday is the true picture patriotism and women empowerment.

Now a days, it is the dream of every Pakistani to leave his homeland and get settled in abroad to earn a good living and make good money. But as the saying goes;

“All that glitter is not gold”q for their dear homeland, However, Sundas Zulqarnain did not had to face any hardships living in Germany but she still wanted to be great and become an Ambassador of Pakistan’s First Social Media Network – SocioOn.

SocioOn emerges as Pakistan’s National Social Media with the idea of Technology for Human Development – THD and Women Empowerment and Sundas Zulqarnain works day and night on SocioOn to portray women empowerment on SocioOn, now that’s what we call true Feminism.

Sundas is one of the few who believe in the vision of the Founder of SocioOn that Pakistan must have its own social media network to stand out in the crowd and to develop a positive image of Pakistan. Sundas Zulqarnain works on SocioOn and tells about it to other people so that people of Pakistan and Muslims from all around the world can come along on a single platform and portray a positive image of Islam and Pakistan.

We as Pakistanis must learn from such a great lady and we must follow her footsteps as we need more and more people like her on SocioOn.

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