How to study in Canada?

Apply to Study in Canada

How to study in Canada?

At the beginning of the year, Montreal was named the favorite city of students for study in Canada, this dethroning Paris. But before leaving to study in Canada, there are some steps to take: university, housing, health insurance … We take stock.

To be accepted in a school

Before any step, it must be accepted in a school. First check if your French institution has agreements with Canadian universities. Your choice will be limited.

However, if you do not have an exchange agreement, it will be necessary to apply by file directly to the faculty desired.

You can also do technical studies such as a BTS or a DUT in Community Colleges, colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology).

After choosing a school, you must make sure that your name appears on the list of designated educational institutions (EDI). The school will then send a letter of acceptance to validate your choice.

Universities ask to prove a level of English with your TOEFL or IELTS results. Tuition fees depend on the province of the school.

Step 1-2-3 provides answers about studying in Canada, programs offered at the price it costs.

 Be in good standing for Study in Canada

France is one of the countries exempt from visa. But before coming to Canada you must still apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) that allows you to be on Canadian soil for up to six months this is necessary for Study in Abroad.
is, you have to go to the immigration website and pay 7 Canadian dollars. The request may take a few minutes to several days.

Beyond six months of study, you will need to apply for a study permit. To qualify, you must:

  • Have been accepted into a university which is part of the designated educational institutions (EED)
  • Stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements
  • Ensure that you leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay


The request is made on the Internet or by mail and costs $ 150 Canadian.

If you want to study for more than six months in Quebec, you must take an additional step.

An application for a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) must be made at least 30 days before its expiry date.

It costs 111 Canadian dollars.

Find your home

As for housing, it’s similar to France. You can live in a university residence, some rooms are reserved for students participating in a university exchange program.

If you prefer to live alone, you can find an empty classic apartment, furnished or semi-furnished (only the stove and the fridge).

On ads, the number of coins is indicated with a ½ symbol. This means that there is a bathroom, for example 3½: there are three main rooms and a bathroom.

Consult the housing office or campus student union office for an up-to-date list of rental units located near the campus.

These private dwellings are not inspected by educational institutions. It is therefore necessary to communicate with the owner and inspect the places before.


You can also take a room at the inhabitant that you rent on the Internet on Homestay, Airbnb or Co-accommodation.

The last solution is to sleep in a hostel that you can find on Hostel world or Youth Hostels.

Make sure before Apply Study in Canada for Students

Being insured is essential if there is a health problem. If you go to Quebec, it’s easier thanks to the Franco-Quebec memorandum of understanding.

Whether you are going on a university exchange or enrolling in a university, you will not need to join Quebec’s student social security system.

You will only have a few forms to complete before leaving and arriving on site (more info).

For other Canadian provinces, you are required to sign up for health insurance.

Inform yourself, before leaving France, from the university or the college of reception in Canada on the modalities of joining an insurance system.

Get a job

With the study permit, students no longer have to apply for a work permit to get a job.

To work on campus, you still need to have a social insurance number (SIN).

The application is only possible if your study permit bears the following endorsements: “Can accept a job on the campus of the institution where he is registered as a full-time student” or “Can accept a job on campus or ho