How to Study in Australia Admission Criteria 2018 – 2019


Study in Australia Admission Criteria

We advise you to contact an education agent for Apply to Study in Australia , such as Francaustralia Education.

We are mandated by Australian universities to advise and support French students and we do not apply
any tuition fee increases.

Indeed, going to study at the end of the world requires a good organization: choosing the
right training, finding the university that provides it, preparing for your trip, etc.

It is therefore imperative to surround yourself and understand how to study in Australia. Our expert advisors are passionate about Australia.

They have all studied and lived there: their experience will draw yours. Over the past 16 years, over 10,000 students have trusted us.

Over the years, we have gained notoriety and legitimacy that allow us to present more than
100 universities, language schools and vocational training centers in Australia.

Whatever your field of study, Francaustralia Education guides you for your study project in Australia and offers you a selection of the most prestigious universities (AACSB, Group of 8, ATN Networks, EQUIS).


Approaches and opportunities to pursue studies in Australia vary slightly depending on the
type of study you want to do: university studies, professional studies, language study or gap

University studies in Australia

Once you have a bachelor’s degree, studying in Australia is not that complicated.

Since 1999, the Australian and French university systems have been harmonized and mutually recognized with the main aim of facilitating student mobility between the two countries.

Thus, at each level of studies sanctioned by a diploma recognized by the State (Bac, license, BTS, DUT, master), you can decide to go to study in Australia.

Professional training in Australia

If long university studies do not appeal to you, you also have the option to opt for TAFE.
TAFE and similar are vocational training centers that deliver degrees from BAC to BAC + 2
(sometimes BAC + 4) and which take place over a semester at least to 2/3 years maximum.

These courses are the closest to our BTS.

On the other hand, these Australian diplomas will not be recognized automatically in France, it will be necessary to make make a certificate of comparability with the ENIC NARIC .

Language Studies in Australia

We offer many types of language courses in Australia: classical English courses in private
language schools or at Australian universities, IELTS preparation courses , TOEFL, Cambridge or TOEIC , English + Au Pair or English + Internship .

These options are particularly suitable for people going to Australia with a working holiday visa but they can also be considered with a student visa or a tourist visa.

Gap year in Australia

If you would like to take a gap year directly after the baccalaureate or later to take a
break from your studies, you can choose to study for one or two semesters at an Australian
university as part of the Study Abroad program .

This program allows you to follow up to four subjects of your choice per semester.

This option is ideal for those who are unsure of their orientation or wish to develop some additional skills.

This is a non-degree course but still allows you to validate credits (7,5 ECTS per subject) potentially transferable in France.


To apply in an institution is not very complicated because, in the majority of the cases, the
admission is done on file with regard to your academic results and your level of English.

On the other hand, certification and translation of your documents as well as the complete
organization of your stay may be more difficult.

For these reasons in particular, we strongly recommend that you go through an education agent such as Francaustralia Education.

It will not be more expensive for you to apply on your own as we do not charge tuition fees.

What are the documents required to apply for and study in Australia?

In 90% of cases, admission is done on file by providing your diplomas and grades and
completing the required forms. Indeed – except for specific programs

The admission criteria are the academic level (so the grades you have had in the baccalaureate for a professional program or a license, in license if you apply for a master) and your level of English , which involves passing an English test like IELTS or TOEFL.

And again, in case your academic level is too fair, bridging programs may exist and if your level of English is not enough, on-site upgrades can be arranged.

Finally, know that going through an agent will not cost you more, on the contrary! The
tuition fees remain the same and since we also take care of the translation of your reports
and diplomas, you will even earn money on the translation costs (from $ AU20 to $ AU50 per
page through a translator ). Finally, do not forget that your agent must always listen to you
and intervene if necessary with the university.


For international students, all courses are paid. There is no free training to obtain a
student visa for Australia.

  • Tuition fees for university studies are the most expensive and cost an average of € 20,000 per year.
  • The most affordable programs are around 15 000 € per year and the most expensive
    around 25 000 € per year.
  • Note that courses in medicine and veterinary medicine are a special case and cost 40 000 € / year on average.
  • Tuition fees for vocational studies are far below. Count between 4000 and 6000 € per year on average.

Finally, note that some institutions may offer rates below those indicated above, but it will
be necessary to inquire about the quality of these schools, their infrastructure, the
certification of teachers, the volume of teaching, etc. The best is to ask us for advice