SocioOn’s offers new feature namely “SocioOn Mentor” to help out news users

SocioOn is offering a “Mentor Program” to help out its new users, so that they can understand the logics and features of SocioOn a little better. SocioOn has appointed some mentors which will responsible for educating new users about the platform. The mentors are divided into two categories (i) Referral Mentor-who are the Refferals of new users (ii) Ambassador Mentor- users can select any Ambassador Mentor as well from the ambassador list.

Referral Mentor:

Referral Mentor will be the one who is the referral of new user and who has referred the user to SocioOn. The new user can appoint him/her as Mentor by inputting the Referral ID or selecting from the dropdown list. After appointment of referral they can also communicate with mentor by using SocioOn Messenger and also Whatsapp Chat.

Ambassador Mentor:

Ambassador Mentor will be selected from a list of designated ambassadors of SocioOn who understand the logics and features provided by the platform. New users can also appoint an Ambassador Mentor for them and communicate with them via messenger of SocioOn or also by Whatsapp chat.

This program is solely created to help new users so that they can become familiar with the platform as soon as possible and start working on SocioOn. New users are highly encouraged to appoint mentors and learn about the features of SocioOn.

SocioOn Mentor


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