SocioOn is offering Volunteer Feature for Referrals

SocioOn is offering volunteer feature for Referrals

Let’s talk about volunteer feature, in this feature you will have to fill up a form and you will become volunteer. After this you will have the option by which you can sign up your friends by yourself. Now you will automatically become the “Referral Mentor” of this new user. If that user wants then the user can make a “Help Post” and old users will help him on how to use SocioOn. Now you must add your friends and family on SocioOn by making their accounts yourself and introduce them to SocioOn. This way the strength of our platform will increase.

This feature will be live on SocioOn within this week and this feature is for Referral Mentors specially so that they keep on increasing their friends and family circle which means their posts will have a more chance of going viral.

If we gather 100,000 verified users on SocioOn then Facebook will have no chance against SocioOn. And then all departments will also join hands with us by seeing the strength of users.

This will successful only when one hundred SocioOn users confirm at least 1000 referrals. Of course in these users there will be unverified users as well but due the reactions of these unverified users the verified users will keep on earning. This simply means “More Users-More Earning” so bring your friends and family on SocioOn and grow your circle. And the first 100 users that are adding these users will be earning 3 to 4 lacs per month from SocioOn. By seeing this huge amount of traffic SocioOn will start to have foreign ads as well and it will successful.

This will be tree mechanism, where daily any users with your referral will be upgrading his/her account and you will be getting the incentive. By this mechanism the more old the user then more will be the earning of that user, even if there is a red heart post then it will keep on earning through cup of coffee, great job and feed.

Keep your profile updated with content quality content so if any user visits your profile then your content should contribute towards their knowledge. Today you are earning 5000 per month, after this you will earn 50,000 which will eventually become 500,000 per month. Take SocioOn like your own business, do check everything from notifications to messages. Get in contact with one another and by doing this you can do much more alongside socializing.

When the users will understand the logics of SocioOn only then you can teach other users as well otherwise you might end up misguiding new user which might lead up to affect your position and status on SocioOn. Be honest and do honest work here, hopefully this article has been helpful to you.

SocioOn is offering volunteer feature for Referrals