Social Impact of Festivals

Social Impact of Festivals

Social Impact of Festivals

Human beings collectively all strive to be happy, in one way or another everybody is struggling in their own ways for a better life, a better job, better health and better grades, and the struggle never stops, it is an incessant cycle because it is human nature to keep trying and accomplish more and more. In midst of that struggle every individual tries to find happiness several ways.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher writes “Man is a social animal. He who lives without society in either a beast or God”.

Social interaction not only brings happiness but also helps individuals to grow, learn, acquire, build capacities, and familiarize with cultures and traditions.

Despite the differences in various cultures across the globe, there is one thing that unites people and spreads joy to the masses- the desire to celebrate.

These festivals vary in different cultures and binds people to their roots. A festival is not just a day to be celebrated but a social heritage that is a mixture of social heritage that is a mixture of beliefs, ideals, folklore, festivals, attitudes, morals, traditions and customs.

They are passed on from one generation to another and they help in shaping the individuals.

Festivals have both, a social and economic aspect. In a world where happiness is overshadowed by pessimism and uncertainties, human beings find solace in celebrations. So celebrations and festivals bring an air of positivity and bring about opportunities to sweep away the anguish for a brief period of time.

Festivals also bring about an opportunity to reduce friction among the estranged friends and helps in reconciliation.

Festivals become an excuse to bring family members and friends closer to celebrate it together even if they live far away.

Festivals play a dynamic role

Festivals play a dynamic role in endorsing the tourism of a country and provides inducement to economic activity. It provides prospects of employment to the people as well. It also helps in documenting a culture in an undocumented manner and play a pivotal role in nation-building, bringing people from every religion, economic and social background together.

A festival is a time to take a break from all the woes of the world, give yourself a pat on the back, embrace the hard work done in the past and just celebrate.

Festivals promote cultural harmony and rejuvenates the individuals and leads to effective socialization.

Ever notice that when it is time for the arrival of a festival everybody gets excited, they break their monotonous routines, get out of their homes, prepare for the festival, do shopping, the whole community gets directed towards a faith, it elevates everybody’s spirits, creates an overall wholesome environment, the entire aura changes and fills you with optimism, eagerness and enthusiasm because nobody comes to a festival thinking they would be stressed out, everybody comes with hopes of having a good time.

Can you imagine a life without any festivals to break the dullness and revitalize you? Impossible, right? A National festival is an occasion to refine and rebuild the National character of a country as they say the greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. So we believe that life is gift that needs to be celebrated and so are the festivals.