Screaming Drones Are Fighting Coronavirus In China

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The threat of coronavirus is increasing day by day. As reported by the media, it is not limited to China, but is slowly spreading to other countries. Over the past 24 hours, the number of victims has increased by 73 and now stands at 563. Due to the threat, the Chinese government came up with an unusual idea: special drones were harnessed to fight the epidemic, admonishing people not putting on masks in public places.

Drones In The Fight Against Coronavirus

The use of technology by the Chinese government is felt at almost every step. This is manifested, for example, by the fact that for several years he has been working on a program that will collect citizens’ data or the obligation to scan his face when buying a new phone. This is met with many voices of criticism and provokes a discussion on crossing the borders of privacy, but as it turns out, it can be done in accordance with the interests of citizens.

Faced with the threat of coronavirus, China has released specially constructed drones to warn people of the dangers of not following the principles of preventive protection against disease. The devices were equipped with loudspeakers and they fly over the city of Taizhou, watching the residents and admonishing them to put on masks. To reduce the risk of transmission of the virus further, they also remind you of the basic principles of hygiene.

Grandma and grandpa! You don’t have masks on and you still left the house? Tomorrow the coronavirus will knock on your door – this message can be heard from drones while walking around the city. The messages are broadcast in real time and are transmitted by trained police officers who control them.

Some of the drones are also equipped with disinfectants that are sprayed on the streets. This allows you to more effectively stop the spread of the virus. According to Chinese authorities, the means used are harmless to people and do not affect their daily lives.

On What Scale Has The Virus Spread?

The places where the virus occurs can be followed on an interactive map posted by scientists from Johns Hopkins University. It shows how the disease spreads in other Chinese cities and beyond. Currently, 31 contagious infections have been reported outside mainland China, of which two are fatal in Hong Kong and the Philippines. The map is available at this address.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

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