Sabroso “The chicken specialist”

When it comes to food, chicken is one of the most basic and largely favorite among people. Most of our favorite dishes have chicken in them one way or another, be it a chicken steak or a sandwich chicken is definitely a must!

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According to the poultry consumption per capita in Pakistan, every individual consumes 4.68kgs of chicken annually.

With the unceasing reduction in the supply of red meat, poultry is the only economical accessible animal protein source for the people.

Due to the rising concerns for healthy chicken Sabroso brings hale and hearty chicken and stands apart from its competitors as it claims to focus on convenience, taste, affordability, health, and hygiene all at the same time.


Sabroso is launched by Sabirs’ Group, Sabirs’ Group is an illustrious name in the history of Pakistan Poultry Industry. The idea behind Sabirs’ Group was the concerns over malnutrition among children, so they devoted to ensuring the provision of safe and healthy poultry for the people of the country.

The commitment of Sabirs’ Group to provide better nutrition to the nation is moving further even now by the name of Sabroso. After making its mark in the B2B poultry market, Sabirs’ Group decided to deliver high-quality chicken for all households under the brand “Sabroso”.

Vertical Integrated System

Taking advantage of Sabirs’ Group’s vast experience and expertise, they have established vertically integrated poultry production process through which Sabroso controls and manages all production processes using state-of-the-art production system.

Hale and hearty chicken- Sabroso

Because of Sabroso’s trailblazing research and development and techniques, they bring most organic flavors and mouthwatering premium chicken products with harmless ingredients and preservatives. Sabroso proudly stands tall as the only poultry brand with the largest supply chain operations that make sure that their products remain fresh and in fine fettle.

Product range

Their product range includes superior quality raw chicken and value-added products including Gola kebab, seekh kebab, chunks, burger patty, nuggets etc.

Tasty and healthy products are what make Sabroso a top priority for frozen food and despite being considerably new in the market Sabroso is taking over as a new favorite among consumers eventually, this is the reason why we have listed Sabroso in “Top 100 companies of Pakistan” because of its influence, impact and brand building in such a short amount of time.

What’s there not to like about Sabroso? They claim that they are enthusiasts of food for the mind, body, and soul and their top priority is that your loved ones deserve only the best quality chicken so health can be ensured from farm to fork!