Product Not Sold Out But Still I Earn Through My Virtual Store at socioON?


Why, how and where to open a Virtual Shop ?

To run a small business, you need to a Physical shop or virtual shop.

First of all, let’s we talk about facts on opening a physical shop.

Opening a physical shop you have to buy or rent out a shop from owner or Government and also you have to bear other expenses like salaries of employees, electricity bills, cleaning bills etc.

But what if the fact is?

Are you have limited resources and can’t buy a physical shop in the market?

Don’t you have an extra money to pay your employees?

Can’t you bear the other miscellaneous expenses while having a shop?

Secondly, let’s we think about on opening a virtual shop/store

To open a virtual store, you need a website and also have to bear its cost in terms of designing, developing, buying a domain name and hosting to make it live to the internet.

You also have to bear its maintenance cost.

So, you want to dispose-off your thinking about buying/renting a shop and get rid of the mess on developing a personal website to run a business for you?

Then cheer up!

I have a great news for you people, regarding opening a small business virtually. Now you can open a virtual shop with some simple clicks and posts products like you post your status on social media.

As you know that the world is deliberately moving towards online shopping, as up till 2017,  51% of Americans prefer to shop online

96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their life, 80% in the past month alone

E-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses do not have a website.

So, socioON is a great gift to the world of socialization presented by Mr. Iqbal Akhtar Hussain from Lahore, Pakistan.

socioON is a Social Media website which along with other social aspects, also presents a platform where everyone can remain in touch with his friends and family and also engage in doing business.

 Open A Free Virtual Store – Earn in Two Ways

You may earn big, whether you are having small or a large scale business with socioON business timeline. Create a virtual shop at socioON, post your products for the public to buy and earn in two ways:

  1. By selling product
  2. By getting likes, comments shares feeds and Great Jobs.

Wow! I think that’s a unique feature that isolates socioON with Facebook. Because Facebook keeps all the revenue to its own pocket while socioON spends more than 80% of its revenue directly to its users’ welfare.

This is also the case with the socioON Social and other timelines, wherever you’ll post, you will earn by many ways.

You can free Signup at for Social cum Business Media

Visit: for complete guide on how to use and earn money at socioON

Visit:   for introduction, tutorial, tips and tricks on how to earn money at socioON

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