Prime Minister Imran Khan Launch Clean Green Pakistan Index

In Islamabad, the adviser of PM Khan on climate change announced that PM Khan has launched a clean green index on Wednesday. He said,

“It would encourage competition among cities on various indicators, including public access to drinking water, safe sanitation, effective solid waste management, and tree plantation”.

He further said

“Prime Minister Imran Khan would launch the Clean Green Pakistan Index, adding that key representatives of provincial governments, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, federal and provincial ministers, senior officials, ambassadors of various countries, university teachers and students and senior representatives of local and international non-governmental organizations would attend the ceremony”.

He added that “the baseline information of nineteen competitor cities would be declared at the ceremony, and once six months, the competitor cities would be hierarchic once more”.

“Those with distinguished progress are rewarded with special federal and provincial government funds. Once six months, a lot of cities are combined within the competition because of the second part of the program”.

The consultant same the CGPI had been extended underneath the PM’s Clean and inexperienced country initiative to make sure environmental conservation and property. According to the official, the government was that specializes in reworking the outlook of the cities, which might play key economic roles within the returning days.

“Cities in several countries across the planet square measure taking part in very important roles within the overall socio-economic development. it’s as a result of cities square measure currently providing economies of scale and that they also are providing economic infrastructure and services through density and concentration in property transportation, communications, power, human interactions, water, and sanitation services, and effective waste management and increased urban biology activities,”

He also included that “the process would be expanded to other provinces in the second phase to make cities environmentally sustainable through large-scale tree plantation and sustained supply of basic life amenities such as drinking water, safe sanitation, and efficient municipal and solid waste management service deliveries”.

Aslam said after six months, these competing cities would be ranked again and those with prominent progress would be rewarded with special federal and provincial government funds.

He said after six months, more cities would be added in competition as the second phase of the program.

Talking concerning knowledge gathering for the twenty-seven indicators of the Clean and inexperienced West Pakistan Index, the Acting military officer of Forests at the global climate change Ministry, Muhammad Suleman Khan Warraich, explained that the info for the index would be gathered at households and neighborhood levels through surveys to be conducted by government departments.

He conjointly told the media that the info relating to the service delivery in water, sanitation, hygiene, solid waste management, and plantation classes would be obtained once each 3 months from the several town councils and administration operating in every district of the provincial cities. Once the info has been evaluated by the global climate change ministry, the results for the performance of the cities on these 5 pillars would be declared double a year, the global climate change secretary aforementioned whereas explained the info assortment method for the CGPI, Suleman Warraich supplementary.

He hoped that the Index would be used as a yardstick for the rising role of cities in reworking the overall living standards of its inhabitants through improved environmental services with the higher and sustained provision of safe drinkable, sanitation, hygiene, property waste management facilities, and increased urban forest cowl.