Pakistan Social Media 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

                             Pakistan Social Media 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Pakistan Social Media has changed the dynamics of the Pakistani society with strong influence in almost every field. Ever since internet penetration rate increased in the country, Pakistan first social media developments have began to surface at a larger scale. Owing to its power, social media has forever altered our trends in politics, showbiz, micro and macro level businesses and other fields.

Social media is an advance condition of Technology which has summarized the whole world as a global village and SocioON is a unique combination of Technology and Social life.

SocioTube: Is a video portal where users can post latest video content and also watch videos of other users for information as well as entertainment purposes.

TradeOn:  Is an online buying and selling platform that will be verified by SocioOn and allows users to make a virtual verified shop to display their products online.

OpinionOn: is platform for short quick posts which can be any message and users can also get reward by posting on OpinionOn. Plus users can also post voice notes here.

VideoOn: Is a platform for short videos where users can act on funny and entertaining videos and post them online. VideoOn rewards its users as per their content.

JobsOn: Is a platform where users can search for latest jobs and get hired. Also employers can hire highly productive resources by posting the required jobs.

PropertyOn: Is a platform where users can look up for new houses for buying/selling also they can search for rental properties available in the area.

NewsOn: Is Pakistan’s First Web TV, users can get latest news on their smartphones and there would be no need of any local cable connection.

Top100: Is listing provided by SocioOn which will rank prestigious organizations and personalities according to their trade for local as well as global recognition.

SocioOn Page: Is a platform for organizations and renowned personalities to display their craft for appreciation as well as staying in touch with their demographic.

SocioOn Group: Is a feature that will allow users to stay in touch with any group of people that they want where they can socialize and have group discussions.