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Pakistan Poultry Association

In our country chicken is the main treat when it comes to food, we all love our chicken and we are very particular about the taste of it. Since the independence of our country, we have been into chicken consumption and the need has been growing on a daily basis.

So to fulfill the requirement of chicken and the meat requirement of our country some drastic measures needed to be done. After all, protein is the necessity for people and it has high health benefits also.

We are aware that chicken offers high protein and very less cholesterol ratio out of all the meats that are available to us. So this makes chicken the best and reliable source of protein intake for all age groups either kids or elders, even patients are also advised to eat it because it can offer more energy.

As we all know as a nation, we consume a lot of chicken daily and the need is still growing on a daily basis. To take care of this need Pakistan Poultry Association has been doing a lot of work since the first day.

Commercial Poultry

Commercial Poultry in Pakistan was established in 1962. It is one of the largest agro-based segment of Pakistan having an investment of 750 billion rupees.

Poultry industry of Pakistan is making a tremendous contribution in bridging the gap between supply and demand for meat protein.

With the continuous depletion of the supply of red meat, poultry is the cheapest available animal protein source for our masses and as such is an effective check upon the spiraling animal protein prices.

Therefore we are already consuming less protein as per standards. Poultry industry generates employment and provides a source of income to more than 1.5 million people of Pakistan directly and indirectly.

To commercialize chicken farming and take it on a national level was a challenge in our country. And it is not wrong to say that Pakistan Poultry Association has been doing work day and night to provide the best quality chickens to our entire nation.

There were a lot of hurdles this organization had to face in the beginning and they overcame each one of them with great efficiency for which we give them all the credit that they deserve.

In 1990s new investors came into the market which led the foundation for the survival of the poultry industry, everything was regulated. Each kind was segregated and was allotted different sections, vaccination was always a must.

From eggs to chicken, everything was held in an account and on record, which made it easy to track down the growth and even assisted in controlling the diseases in chickens. This made poultry industry one of the biggest top 5 industries in Pakistan and is generating a lot of revenue for our country.

The poultry industry as we see it today is due to the untiring efforts put forward by Pakistan Poultry Association and we are humbled by their potential also we expect more from them in the future.