Organization for Social Development Initiatives (OSDI)

Organization for Social Development Initiatives aspires to empower the underprivileged communities of the region and to improve the living standards for less fortunate people inhabiting in the rural areas of the country. OSDI focuses on three key prospects that are enhancing incomes through a livelihood assistance program, reducing expenditure through the Community Development Program and eradication of hunger by food prevention programs.

Over the course of time, OSDI has done remarkable work to empower the financially challenged in various regions of the country, they are known for working on the main initiatives like improving lives, fighting hunger and building the capacity of different communities. Since independence, Pakistan has been facing a lot of challenges like poverty, chronic diseases, education system, overpopulation, illiteracy, inflation, unemployment, and economic crisis, etc. Many political parties and government organizations have been working to fight these issues from the beginning but it was not easy to fight these issues and develop a sustainable ecosystem for the people.

Keeping this in mind, many non-profit and social welfare societies started to work for the betterment of our community. But OSDI stands out of them due to its keys points of interest which empowers the less fortunate demographic of our country and is developing a sustainable environment for the people of these regions in which they can feel a secure future and can have peace of mind. They stress on the sustainable development and empowering the communities, this kind of vision is a guiding light for other non-profit and non-government organizations who want to excel in the social well-being of the society. OSDI aspires other organizations because they are highlighting the real issues of the common man that are being faced by them from the beginning and not enough was being done for them so that they can sustain a respectable livelihood.

Organization for Social Development Initiatives lays emphasis on the basic necessities a human requires, that it proves to be the best technique to move forward into a progressive and empowered community. If the foundation of a community is strong, its basic needs are being met then we can surely see that community dwell into a stronger economy in the near future. To promote and advocate respectable dignified work is also a key prospect of many organizations and many people are paying heed towards a respectable working environment, as it ensures peace of mind and also increases the outcome of a potential employee. OSDI also advocates this issue and pursue different agendas to execute a practical approach for the awareness of this dignified work in the community.

OSDI has a very unique approach that not only just helps people but also assists them in developing a sense of responsibility of themselves and their dependents, this technique maximizes the potential of a certain community to be sustainable and to empower themselves at large.

OSDI is majorly funded by the Corporate Social Responsibility funds of Marine Group of Companies and over the course of time, they have collaborated with different organizations to work on a common goal that is Social Development Initiatives. Now OSDI has also partnered up with SocioOn which is Pakistan’s National Social Media & Business Network, and OSDI is displayed on the Golden Wall of SocioOn as their Silver Partner working on CSR and online community building of Pakistan. Hence by being part of SocioOn, OSDI is contributing towards the empowerment and promoting a soft image of Pakistan.