Online Earning Solutions in Pakistan

online earning in pakistan

People in Pakistan struggle to get employment, a newly grad student has search a lot for a decent job and to showcase his/her skills.

Getting employment should not this hard in our country as it is one of the basic rights of every human being. A student has to get experience to be eligible for job, due to this many students get dishearten as it is their basic right.

Common working environment has made the job culture very tough and unbearable for many people and in result many people tend to divert towards freelancing or working from home.

Working from Home:

Working from home has been common in many countries for a very long time, but it only favors people who possess a certain set of skills that they can sell online just like software development, web development and graphic designing etc.

People who also have a certain “trade” like handicrafts, dress designing and painting etc. have also been working from home since many years and this has been normal in this demographic.

Online Earning / Freelancing

Now a days, many students or professionals who have certain skills like content writing, proposal writing, software & web development and graphic designing they can earn online very easily by providing their services to various local and overseas clients.

Content Creators

In recent years, many content creators have also come on the face of internet by showcasing their skills through their content. A video content gets very following on social media platforms and through this following the content owner can earn.

Freelancing, digital content creation and working from home have become new trends to work and earn a living. It also gives freedom and peace of mind to the workers as well as it minimizes the structure and infrastructural expenses of an office which is always an overhead in running an office.

Pandemic Covid-19

This year maximum Pakistani community has become familiar with working from home as national lockdown was imposed due to the Corona Virus outbreak. As offices did not had any other option other than working from home, so offices administrations took the responsibility of getting the work done in this lockdown period. Many live meeting rooms came into use and people started working from home.

But many people were made jobless in this crisis and they had nowhere to go for an employment, but SocioOn – Pakistan’s National Social Media has been the best platform for online earning in Pakistan. With strength of millions of users in Pakistan, many verified users have been earning online on SocioOn and keep on supporting the national social media application.

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