Mrs Saima Murtaza “Business Director- SocioON”

Mrs Saima Murtaza “Business Director- SocioON”

Mrs. Saima Murtaza Business Director- SocioON

An Inspiration for Women in Pakistan

Mrs. Saima Murtaza

Business Director- SocioON

“To borrow a feminist phrase, the future of leadership is female”

Fortune’s 2016 annual list of the World’s Greatest Leaders, features a record 23 women. Women all around the world today are playing their part not only in the nurturing of nations but also as the workforce needed to uplift the economic position of a country.

There have been many Pakistani women leaders who have made a significant contribution to the field. Pakistani women have certainly walked out of this framework of life and excelled in many fields like journalism, philanthropy, IT world, engineering, and politics. One prominent name among them is of Mrs. Saima Murtaza.

About Mrs. Saima Murtaza

Mrs. Saima Murtaza is one of the leading businesswomen in Pakistan. She cleared her graduating class with flying colors and switched towards creating a distinguished personality for herself among the crowd of billions around the world.


Mrs. Saima Murtaza is an MS honors in Environmental Sciences. She has enjoyed senior positions at a very young age because of her charisma, passion, and love to make her country name proud.

She is the very first lady to be invited to BBC London for discussion on environmental issues in Pakistan and its remedies. She is a well-known writer of many articles, books, and columns “and youngest advisor for many government and corporate platforms.

Along with her studies, she uses to work for UNDP Pakistan for the development and implementation of various climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes related to sustainable energy, water management and conservation of ecosystems. She was the major team member for NIMS project of UNDP.


Mrs. Saima Murtaza is the youngest consultant ever for World Bank and has also worked at senior management position at United Nations for 5 years helping in solving country’s fundamental issues like sustainable development and environmental protection for a safer world for this and future generations.

She is currently working as Director Business development at SocioON, Pakistan very first National Social media and the world’s first socio-economic based social media.

Mrs. Saima currently excels in the field of marketing, communications, and media. She has an experience of around 10 years. Besides Pakistan, she has also worked in other countries such as UAE, London, Nepal, Europe, and the Far East.

She is a woman par excellence. She is also an excellent speaker, motivator and writer. Responsible for building and managing human capital as well as growing her public relations and business, Mrs. Saima Murtaza is a businesswoman who advises leading corporations on ways to introduce innovation and creativity into their corporate cultures.

Mrs. Saima Murtaza Pride of Pakistan

SocioON applauds women like Mrs. Saima Murtaza for their utmost zeal and zest and their vision to not let their femininity be a barrier in their desire to work in a male-dominated society. She is indeed a great inspiration for women in Pakistan.