Mr. Shahid Ali The Pride of our Country Pakistan

Mr. Shahid Ali Director Town Planning, Gwadar Development Authority


About Mr. Shahid Ali

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Mr. Shahid Ali is a renowned name when it comes to contributions made in the development of the city, Gwadar. Due to his major contributions towards Gwadar, “SocioON” Pakistan National Social media and Business network have named them in their list of most dynamic officers in Baluchistan. He was in charge of the planning section of the city when Gwadar was newly established. He furnished rules for the town planning section of the city. He also made town planning regulations in 2004, took care of daily public/ sponsors/builders matters and established building regulations in 2005. Mr. Shahid Ali was also appointed as assistant engineer B-17 in GDA.

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From time to time, members of political parties and local traders protest against the shortage of water in Gwadar. Most development works of note in Gwadar date back to the 2000s. Mr. Shahid Ali in his capacity as the Director Town Planning tried to resolve the water crisis of the port town. He helped the provincial government of Baluchistan to make a master plan for providing clean drinking water to Gwadar and beyond.

Major Works

Some of the work done by Mr. Shahid Ali as Director Town Planning were

  • Approving of building plans of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and all other public utility sites in GDA schemes.
  • Preparing as well as maintain the demarcation record of each and every plot of the GDA scheme.
  • Checking the violations against the approved building plans/building regulations and to decide the cases regarding the composition of these violations.
  • Processing of land use conversion according to the policy/rules.
  • Maintenance of demarcation record.
  • To issue completion certificate of all building erected on plots of GDA schemes after the composition of violations.
  • Planning and design of plans of land sub-division, public utilities, amenities, and facilities.
  • Processing and disposal of queries regarding land use, housing and urban planning situations in the city.
  • Processing and issuance of No Objection Certificates for the establishment of different land use, Petrol pumps, CNG Stations, Mosques, Public Buildings in the light of prevailing policies and other related planning documents.
  • Sanctioning the sub-division of plots on payment of prescribed fee in accordance with the instructions/orders and policy enforced from time to time.
  • Rendering advice on periodic improvements/modifications in existing planning land use plans, zoning and building regulations/polices of the Authority.

Listed as most honest officers

The entire SocioON team congratulates Mr. Shahid Ali on his success and goodwill that he has earned by delivering demanding clients with the highest quality and most effective planning advice and supporting the city with master planning and architectural design. He helped in the land settlement issues and cleared all kinds of problems for landowners in his time.

Mr. Shahid Ali, Director of Planning Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) have worked alongside senior colleagues to exceed client expectations by delivering cost-effective planning solutions in Gwadar. Due to his immense work towards the country and his loyal and honest personality, his name is considered among the most honest and devoted officers of the country.

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