Mr. IA Hussain an Emerging Asian Star in the Founder List of Social Media Sites

Mr IA Husain is an emerging star of Pakistan

Mr. IA Hussain an Emerging Asian Star in the Founder List of Social Media Sites

Mr. IA Hussain: Finally Asia has produced an Emerging Star in the Field of Social and Business Media.

Absolutely, Mr. IA Hussain, one of the determined, the first Asian, the first Pakistani and the first Muslim who has introduced a Social cum Business Media and named it “SocioON”, known as “SocioON, Technology for Human Development”

Mr. IA Hussain has started his journey in 2010 when he thought about to start a social media website which will not only connect the people with their friends and family but will be a great source of earning for those which are jobless and want to make money in easy ways. The start was too difficult, but there is a saying “I started all alone towards the goal (but) people kept joining and it began to turn into a caravan

Today, SocioON has reached 1 Million of potential users all around the world which are making money in various ways like

  • Creating Small Bussiness shops at SocioON
  • Creating Professional Pages

The most important thing about SocioON, Technology for Human Development is that

You can earn money by just posting your textual status, images, audio or videos, when people see these posts and other stuff and perform Likes, Comments, Shares, Great Jobs, and Feed, they earn.

According to Mr. IA Hussain, the Chairman of SocioON, in his latest statement “In Asia and the rest of the world, we are moving fast from the IT time to the SMT time. It’s not the Donald Trump Time, rather its Social Media Time”.

“With the SMT time, Asia was having no more containing a Social Media website before SocioON, So we have a chance to win over Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus”

Yes, of course, he has created a better social media site, which not only engages people but gives them employment just by giving social status and receiving total likes, comments and shares will make them millionaire within 24 hours span of time.

So, we have a choice to use Social Media, but there are two questions which social media we select and how well we should do it?

The European and  the American social media sites do not allow us a direct earning just by giving status while SocioON, Technology for Human Development gives us a chance to earn directly by just waving a hand, pasting an Emoji, uploading a video or giving a painful status, whatever you post on SocioON and make it public, you earn.

In his other statement “Dawn News” on 19 Oct 2017, he further said

So it’s your chance to select SocioON or the rest of the social media sites, the choice is in your hand, either to waste time on other social media sites or understanding “Your Time is Money” on SocioON, Technology for Human Development.

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