Metro Cash & Carry

Metro Cash & Carry

Metro Cash & Carry


If we talk about modern commerce, the name Metro Cash & carry stands out and holds a very prominent position. Metro cash and carry has played a very prominent role in the market and has revolutionized the whole selling dynamics. It is based on self-service whole selling and bulk buying formula and this is how Metro cash and carry is different from other B2C retailers. 

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Metro operates across Europe, some countries in Asia and Northern Africa. Metro cash and carry is operational in 27 countries and a total of whooping 747 stores, with a workforce of over 107,000 employees. In 2007 Metro opened its first whole sale center in Lahore and then in Islamabad in 2008, in 2009 three more stores opened in Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad and now there are 10 total stores in Pakistan at present.

Business concept  

The main target audience of Metro is not directly the end users, rather their business concept is targeted towards professional customers for instance General stores and Kiryana, restaurants and caterers, industries and offices and also for your family and home. Metro cash and carry caters the needs of all type of customers and consumers.

One stop solution

It provides a one stop solution to everybody’s needs and delivers a wide range of products. Metro’s biggest aim is to provide a shopping environment that customers can enjoy and have a good time shopping with outstanding services and friendly staff.

Metro claims that they comprehend the needs of their customers and provide them services that are according to their own requirements so that every customer gets what they want and they go home satisfied.

Metro guarantees business success by providing everything at one place under one roof to the customers. With their cut rate and reasonable prices Metro stands apart from its competitors.

Metro’s trademark is that they do not compromise on quality of the products as well as service, range and value for money.

Supporting local businesses

Metro also is a hub of small retailers and businesses that helps them grow and acts as a catalyst for their sustainability by providing them a supply source of 90% locally manufactured goods as well as services to escalate their competitiveness.

Metro has in-store baking facility that produces one of the best bakery items and achieves the International Food Quality standards. Metro’s superior delivery services also sets it apart from the competitors so customers can have an overall pleasant experience because providing convenience is the pulse of Metro cash and carry.

Promoting the name of Pakistan Internationally

Metro cash and carry believes in creating long lasting, healthy and win-win relationships with its suppliers. Metro provides special training programs to local farmers and producers in order to educate them about the quality standards and practices of the world, so that the gap between knowledge, technical skills and implementation can be reduced. By doing that they can penetrate and grow in the international market and bring a soft image of the country across borders. Up until now 20 traceable products “Made in Pakistan” have been developed and exported to the world.