Iqbal Akhtar Hussain’s whole-hearted piece of writing


Iqbal Akhtar Hussain’s whole-hearted piece of writing

My dear Pakistanis,

Sometimes I wish I could viral all my users’ timelines and their posts so that they can earn more but that is not possible because I don’t have enough money to do that. Another reason being that money should be available at the back end when you withdraw an amount so you would not have to wait. I don’t want my users to think that SocioON took $25 from them, rather I want them to believe that the money that they put in their account goes to their own wallets and they can play with that money to make ten times more.

SocioON does not take that money, rather we are giving you more in return, you would not believe it but I spend half the amount myself on this portal so nobody has to face a problem while withdrawing money.

Apart from that, every user gets $5 when they sign up, $20 more after they verify their account, then viral posts get more money as well, I have been giving this amount from my own pockets. Since 1st January, if I include the salaries of my staff, servers cost, email, and SMS cost as well as viral cost, I have spent around 8 Crore on SocioON.

I have spent money by selling my properties, land as well as my cars and because of that SocioON is where it is today. SocioON is a platform where money is being circulated on a daily basis, you earn as well as you give, it only works that way.

All your data, your videos, photos, and articles, everything is safe and secured on the servers. I am not sure but I have spent almost 40 to 50 Crore on this portal so far, whatever I earned from other businesses I spent it here. It is not easy to manage so many users and give money to them.

You will be amazed they day your 10-year-old post would still be getting great jobs and a cup of coffees and your future generations would read them and gain from them. I make you spend $25 so that you get the hang of the portal and you get the idea how you can do business, also when you spend some money on yourself you use it responsibly.

One day this portal will become larger than life and you would remember me as the crazy guy who used to spend money from his own pocket just to make something like this for the people of his country. That time is not very far, I can see the light from the dark tunnel.

I have made many ambassadors on SocioON who earn $25 every month just for using SocioON and bringing more people on this through referrals. So now you can imagine how much money I have given away and how much I am still giving away to the people of my country, one day you will realize that Iqbal Akhtar Hussain was the man behind this vision, the vision to do something for the country and the vision to promote productive use of social media among Pakistanis, if not I will keep working for this cause until I am no more.

During this journey I have faced many dangers as well, many world powers did not want me to succeed because making a Social Media is not a small feat because I we get control of our media and our data we become undefeatable.

The day Pakistan gets full control of its data and secures it from the world, Pakistan can stand tall and free itself from foreign pressure to a great extent.

Now that I have trained my users, they will expand this portal from three million to a hundred million and more. For this purpose, Allah will help us and make it successful because I have done this with utmost dedication and I believe that you can achieve everything that you desire with honesty and prayers.

And I believe I have always tried my best to be honest in life and I have my parent’s prayers with me all the time. I wish I get to achieve all I desire because I am alone, I have no support from any organization, its only me and my users and I can say this with confidence that I will fight for this cause and I will fight till the last drop of blood remains in my veins and will make Pakistan’s National social media stronger and bigger than any other social media in the world.

Iqbal Akhtar Hussain

Founder SocioON