Instructions for Creating the Perfect Username on socioON

Here are some suggestions for creating a unique username.

  • You are allowed to keep one username for your page, shop, profession or profile.
  • You have no right to claim a specific username if anyone already has.
  • Only simple characters are allowed to set username as (A-Z. 0-9) and cannot use any specific generic allowances as like (.com, .net .cu .pk)
  • Username should be at least minimum 4 characters.
  • Space between username (sohaib Baloch) capital characters (A, G, Z), and periods (“,”) are not allow
  • Your username must follow the socioON Rights and Responsibilities
  • It attentively follows; if you want to set username then necessary to hold the admin or ownership of your page, shop, profession or profile and username of page, shop, profession or profile will not be changeable after ones creating.