socioON (THD) Through Your Own Post

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socioON (THD) Through Your Own Post

There is a great news for you, first time in the history of Cyber World SocioON has decided that “Your Post is Your Product”. People make posts in the social media that make the specific portal special. If you do not make posts in some social network, then that certain social network have no value, if have value that means your posts give value .Your social presence in that network make it special. And all the social networks earn through the traffic flow of the people on their portal.
So except getting social, you get nothing by the Social Media rather they earn from your presence on their websites!
In the above scenario the socioON founder has developed a new concept that is your post will become product through which you will stand parallel to the SocioON and will earn by your single as well as by multiple posts.
If social network earn big, why can’t you!
The SocioON founder has decided that your status/posts (text, images, audio, video), your profile pics, your business/shop posts, professional posts, political posts, social post have big value. If someone earn why not the owner of the post may earn!
socioON founder has decided and gave button “Great Jobs and Donate It!” that is all about public funding and an appreciation concept. If your post gone viral in the Cyber World, it will become a source of big earning for you. Even the bigger earning starts in the network because where is the public, there must be a business and appear in shape of classified ads and selling his/her products. SocioON Technology for Human Development (THD) has converted your post as product and why not, first we sell your product, if your post is going to sell, there must be sold other people’s products that’s why we give Advert Revenue to the post owner. That revenue starts in shape of Great Job, Like, Comments, Shares, Referrals and Advert.
The post owner starts earning on his profile pics/DPs, videos, images and all other posts. If someone makes posts variable and interesting things/posts/products on his timelines (Social, BusinessON, Page, Opinion etc.).

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