socioON – Technology for Human Development

The concept of work and the work place has been changed enough over the past decade, the reason behind all this, is the emergence of new technological developments in the existing world. Heavy machines infrastructure has changed enough the way of working and the duration of the completion of the work in dramatic way. No doubt, the technological developments have changed the world to its high end but there is something very annoying and disturbing the human life in a sense of unemployment and a declining number of jobs related to the office or traditional labour. The economy of a common man has been decreasing with every passing day. It is important to mention those which are unpaid and in a sustainable, unsustainable and a miserable condition, are producing a cause for the human development at all. The decision makers has to focus on both formal and informal way of working to the betterment of the humans.

All the highlighted factors above have paved a way for an incredible platform “SocioON”, a social media website and a human development organization as according with the modern technological developments in the world. The idea behind the SocioON is giving employment to the household members, elders, teen agers, old age, eliminating child labor, supporting students financially and for people of all ages by engaging them in socializing. This platform supports both formal and informal employment methods. People can develop business at SocioON and can have access to the whole internet world. The other people which are accessing the products/services of that developed business are also supported financially by the SocioON itself.

Now the question arises in everyone’s mind why does the SocioON support the humans and by which means?

The answer is simple, SocioON is a social cum business platform and its main agenda is developing the humans by uplifting from poverty line. The SocioON mainly generates its income from the advertisements contracts received from throughout the world and shares more than 90% of its income for its users by different ways.

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