socioON Technology for Human Development (THD) Through ProfessionON

SocioON VS Facebook

A profession is something a little more than a job, person who is well skilled having years of experience and fully competent in his selected field. A professional always maintains his/her skills through continuing professional development (CPD) and behave ethically keeping in mind the public interests. People rely on professionals on various matters in their life, because they knew that they are the expert and can solve their problems.

SocioON (THD) provides you the facility to get engaged socially to the public locally, nationally and internationally. If you are a doctor, engineer, lawyer, accountant, teacher, salesman, marketer, advertiser, financial advisor or whatever profession you belong to! But specialized in your profession, then you are at the right place to offer/sell your services to the general public at SocioON (THD). You can create a specialized “ProfessionON” profile page under the Social Timeline to get engage with the general public/users of the SocioON locally and globally. The users can directly access your “ProfessionON” page and share their issues to get resolved.

At our ProfessionON panel, if you are an Actor, Architect, Bricklayer, Butcher, Cashier, Chef, Consultant, Designer, Driver, Electrician, Doctor, Engineer, IT Professional, Farmer, Fitness Trainer, Gardener, Jeweler, Hairdresser, Maid, Model, Painter, Photographer, Plumber, Reporter, Security Guard, Shoemaker, Singer, Trip Advisor, Waiter or even belong to any profession of your kind and nature, you can promote your profile with millions of socioON social TimeLine users free of cost. So what are you waiting for! Let’s, together make the world better.

You can download socioON applications for Android and iOS at the following links:

iON Android Messenger App download link at
iON Android Messenger App download link at

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