socioON Dashboard Overview – Earning Overview with Click

SocioON Accounts Management Tool – Dashboard Overview

Today, we will talk about socioON Accounts Management Tool Dashboard Overview and how to make money by clicking/performing various actions at socioON.

At first glance, we are going to discuss auto-generated socioON accounts management tool for your automatic adjustment of accounts information regarding with click earning and without click earning.

SocioON Accounts Management Tool

SocioON deliberately presents an auto-generated accounts management tool against its users’ activities performed in his total session time that includes likes, shares, comments and great jobs etc.

There are six (06) columns in the socioON Accounts Management Tool for cash flow and Balance sheet:

  1. Earning with clicks ($)
  2. Earning without clicks ($)
  3. Withdrawable ($)
  4. Spendable ($)
  5. socioON Credit ($)
  6. A/C Balance ($)

Let’s discuss an earning overview on each of the above stated sections in the socioON Accounts Management Tool

  1. Earning with Clicks ($)

The very first in the socioON Accounts Management Tool is “Earning With Clicks”

The Earning with Click overview for various activities / actions / reactions performed by the users on socioON “Technology for Human Development (THD)” and possible detailed “Rewards by the portal is under follows:

The Earning with Click contains the following jobs done through Social and Business Timelines:

  1. Like
  2. Dislike
  5. Video views
  6. Promoted page likes
  7. Promoted shop follows
  8. Donation received
  9. Quiz answer
  10. Great Jobs Received
  11. Advertised shop follows
  12. Referrer Payment
  13. Advertised Pages Actions
  14. Follow user payments
  15. Classified
  16. Post Feed

Let’s discuss all the notations said above:

  1. Like :

Any user presses the like button, is rewarded with $ 0.00075. socioON allows maximum 14 clicks in 60 seconds and 840 clicks in one hour. So by clicking the like button on other’s post in one hour, a user may earn a reward of $0.63. So it’s an act of appreciating others posts and obviously a source of income for you. The post owner will also be earning revenue at his end as it depends on how much likes he receives at that specific post.

  1. Dislike:

Sometimes something is in your approach but you don’t even like it and a thing not suitable according to your mood will be discarded. If someone presses the even the Dislike button, he will also be rewarded through socioON “Technology for Human Development” and same as on Like button.


People usually talks about great things. So users must have to post a forever and shareable content so that viewer (friends, family and groups) must be compelled to share that content on other Social Media like, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter or even at inocmeON. At each share the sharing person and the post owner both will be rewarded by $0.00075  and $ 0.0005 respectively.


It is very much important part of the portal’s reward program under Technology for Human Development. While commenting, don’t be abusive and always try to give a contextual and relative feedback to that post. At each comment you will be earning $ 0.00075 and if someone reply with meaningless and abusive comments then the money will be reverted back and a possible minus will happen to your account balance.

So be careful while commenting because comments are user’s feedback that show at what position the post owner or the post stands out! So don’t consider it as a source of income rather use it like social media, because the portal is made for sharing each other’s viewpoints at a social level.

  1. Video views

It’s an amazing portal full of entertainment. It allows you to share your viewpoint or feelings by text, photoshoots and videos also. These videos may be your own created events, extracted through your life, these might be some YouTube Dailymotion or videos. But the important thing is that whatever the videos you post must be qualitative, interesting and entertaining. At each view both the post owner and the viewer will be rewarded the same incentives as given on like button.

Remember: The adult and the hateful religious content in form of videos, text or snaps is strongly forbidden here and very strict action can be taken against violation.

  1. Promoted page likes

First of all we must have to understand about what is promoted page? You can promote your page if you want to make it approachable to many users. simply click on the Promote page on left side of dashboard. now if anyone like your page he will receive $ 0.0008.

  1. Promoted shop follows

You can also promote your shop so that it may visible to many users in a gadget form to increase your followers. By making this action any user who will follow your shop will get $ 0.0008 in reward. 

  1. Donation received

Any user from all around the world may donate money to support a specific cause which he/she thinks the most suitable and righteous person/organization.

Donation will be done by pressing “Donate it” button on the particular post  and 0.001 will be transferred to receiving person/organization .

  1. Quiz answer

socioON believes in education and has arranged a proper module for Tests & Quizzes for students through eLearning Program, it provides an array of benefits for both the learner and the instructor. So, anyone who posts a quiz get revenue of 0.0005 and the one who correctly answer the query will get 0.00075. 

  1. Great Jobs Received

Every user is allowed to give the great job to any other user located in his friend & family circle and vice versa. After availing the great job, you will receive “$0.00075” and if you press the great job button at anyone else’s post then it means you are appreciating that post and giving “$0.00075” to that post owner in your friends list. 

  1. Advertised shop follows

User can Promote his shop through a post by clicking on the “Promote your shop/Profession On”. The one who follows the shop will get a reward of $ 0.00075 and post owner revenue will increase by $0. 0005.Its optional to follow and by following you will receive updates of that shop with all latest products 24/7 a day.

  1. Referrer Payment

it’s the great opportunity to increase your income in faster way, if anyone joins socioON through your reference then your referral payment account will be debited with $0.0001. similarly the one who signed up with your referral will got the same amount.

  1. Advertised Pages Likes

User can promote his pages through post by clicking on “promote your page” and get the same benefits as stated above in point 11. 

  1. Follow user payments

User can promote his pages through post by clicking on “Follow my profile /opinion” and get the same benefits as stated above in point 11.

Its optional to follow as if you want to receive updates from that person you may follow him rather adding him in your friends & Family Circle.

    1. Classified

 “The term Classified Ads or Classified Advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common in online at internet, newspapers and other periodicals which can be sold or distributed free of charge. Classified advertising is cheaper than larger display advertisements used by businesses”

 As SocioON is a social cum business website, it creates a resonance between its social media users and businessmen. It allows a businessman to create an Ad management campaign(s) to flourish his business to the new ends. Your ads will be displayed as according with your defined fed settings at the time of creating campaign(s).

Minimum word count. “A combination of maximum 6 words Descriptive advertisement title is required.”

Your Ad title: 25 characters, including spaces. Ad text: 70 characters, including spaces. Destination URL: 100 characters. (The destination URL (the Internet address of the webpage a customer is taken to after clicking an ad link, or display URL) is not displayed in your ad, but it is used for your landing page.)

Minimum share action budget is “0.001”

Maximum share action budget is “0.002”

Minimum total share budget is “2”


We don’t count impressions and clicks for your ads Character limitations.
If your ad title, ad text, or destination URL exceeds certain character limitations, you will receive an error message

  1. Post Feed

Post Feed is the most important and the fast earning feature of generating income on the portal on social site. If a user deliberately post his status (picture or a video) with an investment (minimum $0.2 max $1), he will receive the benefit of the Post Advert Revenue (like, share, comment and great job button will ON) if the post is so appealing that other people in his circle can’t let it go without liking sharing and commenting on it.
that’s what socioON “Technology for Human Development (THD)” is demanding from its users to post such a valuable and forever content that other users on the portal must been compelled to feed it. Users who will like, comment and share will earn 5% of fed post. Now the question is that what the post owner will earn by investing money on that specific post. Surely the Fed post owner (the promoter) will first earn 5% of his investment on the post. 2nd, he will also be rewarded by 5% of each feed by the other users on the post simultaneously.

Well, we have disccussed in depth details about “socioON Accounts Management Tools

incomeON Accounts Management Tools

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