In the National Assembly, the union of the right and the left rings the awakening of the old world

In the National Assembly, the union of the right and the left rings the awakening of the old world

The oppositions spoke with one voice in the gallery to denounce “the Macron Benalla affair”, before the vote of the two motions of censure against the government.

The first has deGaulle as a model, the second summons Jaures and Aragon. One cultivates the conservative lands of Seine-et-Marne, the other is anchored in a district of Dome acquired on the left.

Everything opposes the deputies Christian Jacob and Andre chasseing, president of the group Republicans on the one hand, president of the communist group on the other. In turn, the two men carried a motion of censure of the government of Edouard Philippe, Tuesday, July 31st. But they spoke with the same voice, the same words, and the same heart, at the tribune of the National Assembly.

Revived for a day, in unison with their troops, by the first crisis of magnitude suffered by this Marconian power that has relegated to the background for a year. Exhilarated by what they call together the “Macro-Benally case”, ostensibly combining the names of the President and the responsible task Elysian accused of violence during the demonstrations of 1 st -May. The time of an afternoon of debates, oppositions have resurfaced the closet of the “old world”.
Funny day, when tourists come to visit the gardens and salons of the Palais Bourbon rub shoulders, in a heat overwhelming, deputies ready to fight with an “arrogant” majority. Where young students arrived from Mayotte to visit the palaces of the Republic with their class by chance attend the improbable summer loveette of the right and the left.

A union of circumstance between right and left

This is what it is about when two adversaries applaud each other, congratulate each other, and nod to the good words of the other side. Christian Jacob denounces “the outbreak of a form of police parallel to the orders of the Elyse Palace that could not happen without the support of the President of the Republic”? The “submitted” benches roar with pleasure and applaud heartily. He denounces…