How to become Ambassador on SocioOn?

How to become Ambassador on SocioOn?

As you know SocioOn is offering Referral Mentor and Ambassador Mentor feature in which new users can learn from old and experienced users about the mechanism of SocioOn and the mentors teach new users on how to get withdrawl from SocioOn.

But the question is how to become an Ambassador on SocioOn?

It is very simple, just by referring multiple users on SocioOn who monatize their accounts as well then you can easily become an Ambassador on SocioOn.

SocioOn has categorized Ambassadors as:

  1. 3-Star Ambassador
  2. 4-Star Ambassador
  3. 5-Star Ambassador

3-Star Ambassador:

To become a 3-Star Ambassador, you will have to refer 100 new users on SocioOn from your friends & family and they must also verify their SocioOn profiles as well then you will be awarded with a position of 3-Star Ambassador.

4-Star Ambassador:

After becoming a 3-Star Ambassador then it is very easy to become a 4-Star Ambassador, the mechanism is same you can keep on adding users to SocioOn until you reach 250 new referrals then you can become a 4- Star Ambassador.

5-Star Ambassador:

To become a 5-Star Ambassador you must have 1000 users in your referral list, all these users are your strength and community.

Important Notice:

Once you apply to become an ambassador after completing required steps then your request will be processed and it will be reviewed.

SocioOn reserves the rights of approving the requests and appointment of ambassadors, only approved candidates will be appointed as Ambassadors only.

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