How SocioON is Helping Close Gender Gap and Empower Women

How SocioON is Helping Close Gender Gap and Empower Women

SocioON is helping close Gender Gap

SocioON is helping close gender gap in the technology sector all around the world is impossible to ignore. Women earn only 28 percent of computer science degrees and hold only 25 percent of computing jobs.

They also hold only 11 percent of executive positions in tech departments at companies worldwide.

The lack of women in technology roles contributes to a cruel cycle where other young women are deterred from entering the industry due to a lack of inspiration, role models, or a solid support system. However, it’s not enough for young women to simply gain competitive technical skills, we also need to provide them with the backing system and networks that will allow them to fast-track their careers.

SocioON is an excellent example of this in action. SocioON is a national network. It is Pakistan’s first and only National Social Media and Business Network ( with a presence in 47 countries. The network which merges Social Media and Business Networks on a single portal, has more than 3 million verified users who are constantly posting and sharing their posts, along with constantly earning income and becoming entrepreneurs in their homes.

According to stats

Worldwide, 200 million more men than women have access to the Internet, and women are 21 percent less likely to own a mobile phone.

Closing the gender technology gap means not just providing women with phones but also helping women access opportunities in technology, IT (information technology) and skills on how to gain advantage from the use of their mobile phones.

SocioON  (under THD initiative), provides women the platform to enjoy their rights to control and benefit from the resources, assets, income and their own time and improve their economic status and well being. In short SocioON (under THD initiative) empowers a simple average housewife to earn money with just a click, post and share with their chin high.

  • The UN estimates that 95 percent of online harassment, and insulting imagery in online spaces is aimed at women.
  • SocioON invest in projects for safe online spaces, and in raising awareness to end cyberbullying and online violence against women.
  • SocioON empower girls and women to pursue opportunities in the digital fields.

What the SocioON initiative will achieve:

  • Opportunities for women to earn while sitting at home with no financial backup from family.
  • Improved access of technology for women, especially in remote and marginalized areas
  • More safe online spaces for women and girls.
  • Building more women entrepreneurs who will play their roles in shaping technology to advance women’s rights

Men working in tech and innovation have a duty to listen, engage, and encourage women in tech sectors.

Women’s contributions need to be respected, their voices have to be heard. When women are unleashed on the tech world, new ways of living, of seeing the world and of doing business disclose themselves.

SocioON believes that acquiring micro online business skills can increase women’s confidence and improve their family well-being.

Closing gender gap and empowering women is one of the ultimate goal of SocioON (under THD initiative) project.