How Awarding Great Job is Beneficial for You?

How Awarded Great job is beneficial for yuo

Benefits of Great Job

You are searching for benefits of Great Job and how awarding great Job is beneficial for you?

It is often seen that people fear about giving Great Job to other users at their posts. They think, giving Great Job to public posts on his wall will decrease some money from his account.

According to SocioON Policy, you have to donate some of your income to other users as a return of their efforts while creating and posting interesting posts on the portal.

It is not the case that only you are awarding the Great Job to other users while everyone at the portal is awarding Great Job to each other by pressing the button available under the post.

What is Great Job?

I will relate Great Job “A Token of Appreciation”. So when you press the Great Job button, actually, you are giving a token of appreciation in return of all his efforts while gathering the material, creating the post with the necessary images and videos and finally posting at SocioON, Technology for Human Development (THD). Finally after receiving the Great Job award, the post owner, not only feels great but also earn some money awarded by the reader.


What Happens When You Give Great Job?

Pressing the Great Job button will result from the following;

1. The red “Great Job” button becomes Green
2. The money is divided between the two, Public and the post owner. Which means half of the money (given as a result of pressing Great Job button) will go to the post for public/users for earning and half will go to the post owner.

What is Great Job Counter?

The Great Job Counter, shows a list of all the members who have liked the post and awarded the Great Jobs.

When to Award Great Job?

The Great Job can be given at any time. You can give Great Job after performing every 10 to 20 clicks simultaneously. For example, if you have done 10 clicks (these may be Likes, Comments, Shares etc.) then you must have to give Great Job


To Whom Give Great Job?

SocioON does not recommend anybody to donate from your earning, while it is your choice, to whom awarding a Great Job.
In my personal recommendations
• You have to give Great Jobs to your friends and family or anyone within your circle.
• Award Great Job to the users who post very interesting posts.
• Award Great Job to the regular users.
It is because of the reason when you give someone an appreciative signal, in return, it might be possible that he may also give you Great Job on your posts at the same time or later.

To Whom Not to Give Great Job?

It is quite tricky when giving Great Job to other users, so you have to keep in mind the following things.
• Do not give Great Job to the vulgar posts.
• Do not give Great Job to the adult/pornography posts.
• Do not give Great Job to the hatred posts.

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